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dont quote dont respond
maybe now is a good time to mention I drew @ghostface fit the other day. with my limited watercolor colors
you must have ones that are meant to be untucked. The ones that I have are just formal shirts, including one from fw13
All the dries shirts I have are begging to be tucked, thats really why its so long. The fabric doesn't lend it self to be worn untucked. Plus, they are slim so it bunches on the hips anyway
I think someone posted this photographer earlier, but he's really the only person I've been totally mesmerized by https://www.flickr.com/photos/21290636@N06
EG robe Gitman shirt EOTOTO henley (ty NMWA) MMM pants Dayton boots IISE pack
worst for me is def ghetto tasty
haha thats really odd, it was my first baller cop as well. I remember being so amped, like heart pounding typing in my paypal password lol
ya 2010
We really should do a 'match your wall' challenge. just look how good these would have been [[SPOILER]] My favorite from you NN in recent years. I will admit I liked your older stuff better like: [[SPOILER]] ya had it saved
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