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anyone else having problems logging in to Rakuten?
who better than the man himself, thanks willy
can someone posts @willy cheesesteak nyc food guide, I dont think I made this up
The other night I unwittingly managed to watched 3 hours of pokemon speedruns
why would you sell PH coat?! Looks good on you, and didnt you wait like 2 years to find one
Out of that list I'd say EM and dotCOMME are the only ones worth itCheck out the consignment shop Bruce on Gertrude st. in Fitzroy, they get random things in and sometimes have Harnden, Elena, CCP etc (basically locally used things from EM) also a couple other store along Gertrude st that have things like Engineered Garments if you're into that
someone S or XS try this IS blazer
Speaking of Harnden long coats, I have one in xs that actually fits ok but I'd rather have an M or L, if anyone is interested to buy so I can get a size up (or trade) pm me. Fabric is olive cord
CDGH+ ss16 if this is what you're talking about [[SPOILER]]
Hey guys this is evolving to its final form, and looks great This is the current name/screen name list, please let us know in this thread or via PM if they need any correctionsps sorry for revealing your name [[SPOILER]] you have 48 hours
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