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I like the shape of those ccp's eton, what year are those from?
Thank for all the love on the green fit From this morning, then it got hot. Now I'm in shorts The official sf Barena coat qlo shirt & geller tank dior 19cm dayton
why u so tiny
EG uniqlo MMM dayton IISE
EG dreezy LEH (really good lookbook, got from here http://everyoneeatscookies.tumblr.com/tagged/LEH) Kapital
this thread needs a bump!
this is a very nice scarf for super cheap http://www.styleforum.net/t/377170/fs-stephan-schneider-soumak-scarf-bnwot-price-drop-3-19/0_50
nah man you dont want it
where'd you pick up the visvims from? wtb virgils size 12
love the green ones. A womens store here carries gats and they have the green and a purple and I go in just to look at those
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