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It would be cool to see the data from everyone's posting and correlate that with season, of course you'd have to leave out the southern hemisphere doods I reckon a fit collects 95% of its thumbs in the first week, lets call it the thumb window. If you gathered site visitation numbers during each fit's thumb window, you could negate the variable user base effect by correcting each value relative to the most popular thumb window. Or something like that
someone buy, size small http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/ragtag/item/r2102400316977/
oo yea, this is pretty much what I had in mind
looking to buy the floral jacquard bucket hat, PM me please
@agvs great fit, If you're looking to part with that hat please holla If anyone has the floral jacquard bucket hat and want to sell it please pm me, I give you $
Does anyone have a good site that archives runway looks, particularly older seasons? I've noticed the place I used to use (http://www.contemporaryfashion.net) has changed to some shitty fashion blog and also resources like the old Margiela website archive has disappeared too. Anyone know of a place that archives runway looks? Seems like it could be a cool project
Philip Patterson (PR Patterson) worked under Altieri, helping with m_moria and getting into fashion mischief. Formerly CCP pattern maker, graduate of CSM and working from London. Now moving to and sourcing from Scotland. Clothes very similar to Carpe Diem; I'll post some pictures when I have time
Ya! I tried to find those a while ago, couldn't remember the name. I like the leather ones the best
Waiting on 2 paris from an order in December
I never said they were high quality, I actually hate that q word. I was just adding that my boots are beat, more than any other shoe I own, and are still alive. The leather still feels and looks nice, contrary to the OP. As for them coming unglued, it was over probably 20+ instances of getting wet/drying, I don't baby my shoes, and tripping up a staircase was the final straw for the left shoe. They didnt just come unglued on the shelf, sorry should have clarified
New Posts  All Forums: