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Speaking of Harnden long coats, I have one in xs that actually fits ok but I'd rather have an M or L, if anyone is interested to buy so I can get a size up (or trade) pm me. Fabric is olive cord
CDGH+ ss16 if this is what you're talking about [[SPOILER]]
Hey guys this is evolving to its final form, and looks great This is the current name/screen name list, please let us know in this thread or via PM if they need any correctionsps sorry for revealing your name [[SPOILER]] you have 48 hours
I went backpacking for 31 days, didnt change underwear I'm very proud of this
Go to KEX bar, I have dreams about this place (its also a nice hostel if you need a place to stay).Coffee:Kaffi VinylReykjavik RoastersOther:Micro Bar12 Tonar (records)Lebowski Bar (big lebowski themed bar with good burgers)
Great buy @Synthese, glad you finally found a pair. What size did you go for? looks like they might age like the pair I have in the 2006t color
Oh also nn, ginza DSM had like 7-8 or PR Patterson pieces
I stain most of my whites in instant coffee. It's easy so start with little and get darker if you want
Ya I set off the alarm and skirted away awkwardly.NN go to Hoochie Coochie in Kitazawa like @Guy Burgess and @spacepope suggested, the place was awesome. I spent like hours just digging around, ended up getting a tattered boro cloth thats about scarf size and a boro hemp kaya mosquito netting thats about scarf size too. Everything else was too small. They are in the middle of moving shop so everything is just pilled up in like a storage crate, just adds to the experience imo.
I tried on calf 998's in 45.5 (.5 sizes up) and they were way too tight in both length and width. Bought 2 size 46 (1 size up) 998s in cordovan and they are at least .5" too long and a little wide. From what I can tell, amount of shrink is dependent on leather type. Makes sense given the cordovan shrunk less and has thicker/tighter fibers. An I say shrink because I think that is the culprit, they make shoes to fit tts and then they shrink during the coloring process. I'd...
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