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any sf bros on Instagram? I just made one, I quite like the idea of itlittle late w/e [[SPOILER]]
ya iise as mentioned above and http://killspencer.com/daypack.html
what's the sweater? looks cozy
Theres an @ symbol button near the insert picture button in the reply window @robinsongreen68
I feel yaI tend to like the round toe as well, and I heard that older CCP had a more round toe. That's why I was wondering the year on those. I do agree that ccp shoes look best with ccp clothes and visa versa. I tried on some ccp coats with a classic workboot and the structured shoulders and sharp angles just didnt look right with them.
oh nvm I read wrong, those were the augustas you just posted sorry
I like the shape of those ccp's eton, what year are those from?
Thank for all the love on the green fit From this morning, then it got hot. Now I'm in shorts The official sf Barena coat qlo shirt & geller tank dior 19cm dayton
why u so tiny
EG uniqlo MMM dayton IISE
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