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thats canada
Ah! and here I thought you were just a little dyslexic
They are $648, less good deal
It's for sale on grailed. It's orange though, not black. I'm from Alabama so to me its also a play on 'hunters orange'I confirm the bill length. I do like the shorter 5-panel bill, however the baseball hat is a better shape for me personally
I have the casentino 5-panel and baseball style hat, the 5 panel is shallow and the baseball is more of a normal cap depth. Those photos ghetto posted above of the 5-panel look accurate. For me the baseball style fit my head better so I got the 5 panel on groiledI like the fuzz, its playful and 'soft' literally and figuratively. I juxtapose with 'harder' styles like harnden/Rick
I've ordered 2 pairs through Hide-m (I think the person you're referring too did as well). I was happy with it, it took about 6 months longer than projected but that was out of Hide-m's control. Other than that, its exactly what I ordered and for a lot less than retail, iirc about $400 less.
You can custom order a 47, would be cheaper too. Might have to wait a year though
I have the double sole guidi hikers, I usually wear 46 in guidi but I tired on 45 and 46 in store and the 45s fit much better (that's .5 size up). I'm guessing the thick vibram sole reduced shrink? 1.5 up is probably a safe bet, I had the luxury of trying on both in store There's a cheap pair on eBay in reverse grey for sale btw
The guy was saying stuff like 'I'm in France for the next week I'll ship when I get back' a week later no ship. try to contact, no answer. Another week later his accounts banned on grailed. So either he was killed in France or it was a scamPayPal got my money back so it's ok, I'd rather have the coat tho!
3, The IS fabric is crazy, I'm not liking the patch pockets thoughif anyone find a Harnden long mac in a thick wool let me know, I bought this last year but turned out to be a scam [[SPOILER]]
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