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those MAs!
MA heels wear out very quickly, should have taken the advice from my cobbler. Just replace with normal heels
from the pics I vote keep but only button top button or 1+2
dont do that
Have one of the rough out coats coming in - cant wait! hopefully it will fit, measurements seemed weird
I'll cross post my last waywt for the challenge, if that's ok
youve missed the point again
was gonna say that bomber he's wearing is Dries but he mentioned it I might have gotten out bid by him for it on ebay
Ya I have the hiking boots, but haven't hiked in them. They don't feel comfortable enough to me honestly, and they are super heavy. But I don't really have a reason to try either, they could be really good if you broke them in. I have a really good pair of leather hiking boots that my feet love now but we're a pain to break in at first.As for cleaning, theres a lot of nooks and crannies but just let them get dirty hah. I've worn mine in the rain but that's about as far as...
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