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fire fire fire, NN that bottom fit is one of my all time favs from you *100 emoji*
~24 hours left 2 piece 1 way?
I'll allow it
For the last couple of days I'm adding a possibility for entry, like a shady backdoor visa
Guys guys guys theres about 3 days left on my challenge and 4 people have entered (well 6 people but..), I know its a difficult one but don't you want a watercolor of yourself!?! For the last few days I'll allow this: one fit pic, if you incorporate something where it shouldn't be, ie jacket as pants, pants as scarf - take a long hard look at your wardrobe and think of the possibilities .
oh shit I love it, Rosenrot's band-aid goes so well
yoooooo @Rais @KongGeorgeVII with the big guns so thats how to wear KTZ
x-post form challenge thread. @nicelynice buy that julius skirt and wear it as a scarf
Stanley got the ball rolling, lets keep it going Less than a week left
Yesssss, thats actually one of my favorites from you @StanleyVanBuren. Only 1 week left, lets see some iMaGiNaTiOn
New Posts  All Forums: