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sounds awesome, need pics I'm wearing my rebuild shirt today
anymore updates on the ippudo uniforms? I sent an email but nothing back yet
^ good looking boots but they are just guidi no ccp involved, other than in the misleading title
some from like yesterday - 4months ago
I hand sewed a clutch in some old couch fabric, gonna add some internal pockets and structure later oh and if anyone else bought those harman/kardon headphones, the logo comes off with acetone. use a fume hood
needs some peanut butter for all this jelly I got
This is awesome haha. Do guidi boots for women fit the same as they do for men, ie size up at least 1?
that vid made me check thses guys again. my god this shit is so awkward
cheers! NNY had a pair in stock
can somone halp, I'm looking for the plaid B1P pant in size 34
New Posts  All Forums: