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Another size up would have worked, or even 2 sizes up for that matter, they dont really change that much. I like the way it fits though, its the same jacket in the 3rd fitThe pocket blazer is semi cropped, its called the pocket blazer because the front pocket liners stick out the bottom (on some more than others) [[SPOILER]]
Thanks! first jacket is Harnden
I've been on a thesis lull but here are some shitty elevator fits from the past few weeks
I thought about these but they are pretty old and the shape looks odd imo
off-white phenomenon knit http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/kind-u/item/572915006321/
looks like a smug on the lens honestly, could be condensation of some kind too
No I was never able to find anything about it Might have been a prototype or someone stuck a nike label on it
Ya! thanks, top Harnden, bottom EG and MA+ @ramdomthought
yaya glad you liked it! I'm doing about 1 per day at this rate, just finished @spacepope's I'll pm you for address
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