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Schneider stole Giuliano Fujiwara coat EG pant Kuboraum glasses
oh hah I just assumed you + your friend. I was wearing RO while I was there but never a hint of anything going on otherwise
2 dudes in Tuscaloosa wearing CCP? Bricks would be shat if I passed by that
I was thinking about ordering a pair of guidis in that bone color, slight yellow tint
Did you deny my friend request?
ya they are a little short, was going to try and wet them and stretch them out but they don't bother me too bad right now
. PH Geller EG MMM Filson
those MAs!
MA heels wear out very quickly, should have taken the advice from my cobbler. Just replace with normal heels
from the pics I vote keep but only button top button or 1+2
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