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Some grailed pick ups CDGH+ Skirt CCP
In 2014 it was 630eur for the particular pair I wanted which retailed for $1200+ at the time
Check out Saguaro National park outside of Tucson (classic desert) and theres also a nice drive up to a lookout near Mt. Lemmon I think in the Coronado National forest
I'm 6'2" or so and 45 shoe. I bought things like scarves, a boro blanket, a vintage noragi. Actually found an individual sentiments coat that fit well, you could find some yohji.. not totally out of luck!
thats canada
Ah! and here I thought you were just a little dyslexic
They are $648, less good deal
It's for sale on grailed. It's orange though, not black. I'm from Alabama so to me its also a play on 'hunters orange'I confirm the bill length. I do like the shorter 5-panel bill, however the baseball hat is a better shape for me personally
I have the casentino 5-panel and baseball style hat, the 5 panel is shallow and the baseball is more of a normal cap depth. Those photos ghetto posted above of the 5-panel look accurate. For me the baseball style fit my head better so I got the 5 panel on groiledI like the fuzz, its playful and 'soft' literally and figuratively. I juxtapose with 'harder' styles like harnden/Rick
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