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off-white phenomenon knit http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/kind-u/item/572915006321/
looks like a smug on the lens honestly, could be condensation of some kind too
No I was never able to find anything about it Might have been a prototype or someone stuck a nike label on it
Ya! thanks, top Harnden, bottom EG and MA+ @ramdomthought
yaya glad you liked it! I'm doing about 1 per day at this rate, just finished @spacepope's I'll pm you for address
Guys I promise I'm working on the watercolors! I'll be pming you soon for your shipping address
I hope you guys are all following the instagram by now I'm having fun https://instagram.com/styleforum/
I like this one @StanleyVanBuren well done. I want to place 2nd!
Once again thank you everyone for participating! Congrats to the winners, it was very close Tied for first - The Japan squad (@Synthese, @Rosenrot, @spacepope) and @whitebread! I cant afford this lolz, I'll be giving the squad watercolor paintings of their awesome fits Looks like I'll be buying my gf a gift Second place - @KongGeorgeVII who also gets an artistic watercolor rendition of his hakamas! That means @StanleyVanBuren comes in third and gets to choose the...
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