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you're gonna need some alternate stylefourm accounts too
Zpacks sells some waterproof fabric, mostly Cuban fiber. Not sure if that's the route you want but
A lot of these 'artisanal' brands have this. I'm assuming it's a choice they make
I feel the same as you @g transistor, went with the XT2 since I want to mess around with video, liked the dials better, and is slightly faster. I could give or take the articulating screen but I have used it. Also the battery grip is ace
I think @spacepope is right, especially after seeing these other angles
I've never seen them but the details look like guidi. The small folds at the toe, the contrast stitching especially at the tongue, the laces and eyelets are the same as on my guidi hikers, the brown peeking through the black in areas, the discoloration in the sole. I'm pretty sure they are guidis Might want to wait and see what people say who have been to guidis showroom
I don't blame you, it's so cheap for 10 pans. They aren't bad either, I'm just anal about these things If you have trouble cleaning, try Bar Keepers Friend. Its amazing
I agree, I use my wok for asian things, mostly steaming since I don't have a wok burner. But they are also really good for frying, since the volume increases exponentially.
Aluminum has a higher thermal conductivity than steel, meaning it gets hotter faster. This also goes the other direction though; it gives off heat faster too.If you put a cold steak in a hot aluminum pan, the aluminum will give its heat faster to the steak but then its 'cold' again, it's basically ran out of heat to give and needs to be reheated. This is good for cooking things you must finesse; have high control over the heat. But if you're really serious about this than...
I'm looking for a long mac to fit 48/50
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