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But its cold down here #southernhemisphereproblemsand I'd have to read Lovecraft for that one @Synthese I think I'll go with a spin-off from my first suggestion in RFT, which was the polar opposite challenge. Specifically 1 item styled 2 ways.I'll post a new thread this weekend, thanks for all the suggestions!
Help me pick in RFT
I need ideas for new challenge!A few I have:1. Polar Opposites- Same wardrobe, 2 clearly distinct styles (bonus pts for same pieces styled differently)cons: requires 2 fits.2. Another Brick in the Wall- match your wall (have we done this?)2.1 Another Rick in the Wall (from my typo) -Dick Ovens challenge3. It Takes Two- Dual person challenge w/ significant other/ dog/ mom/ brother/ imaginary friend4. Alter Ego- Dress as your evil twin, or, dress as your nice polite twin...
I accept! Might not get close to winning any others so I might as well take my chance. Having said that, I don't have a challenge in mind right now but I have some ideas floating around, any help would be great *cough* @zissou if you want to share your idea I'd be grateful I'll post a new challenge this weekend
I would be happy to give it a go for a week, I'll pm
Incredible Dries sweater bought back in 2011 and only worn twice, Kept in a sealed bag folded in closet, perfect condition. Size M and fits M-L based on how you want it to fit, its slightly short and boxy. Could fit XL but check measurements I vowed to never sell this but It never gets cold enough to wear it here and I don't think I'm much of a sweater guy anyway. Shipping is included worldwide from Australia. Estimated 10 business days. Raglan shoulders 23.5" pits 23"...
This challenge was amazing, really. Incredible turn out. Sorry to have Parker ship all the way to Australia, cant wait to see what I get! I'll be sure to post Next challenge idea- did we ever do the 'match your wall' challenge ?
lets trade wardrobessome weird light tube in my apartment building, lets natural light in the halls, goes from the roof to the ground floor and is like that the whole way down--polished white ceramic
xpost from waywt, best challenge turn out evar. I guess everyone on SF started with a pair of raw jeans
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