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Ya I still shoot 35 1.4, I got the 35 f2 as well, it's practically silent, much faster af, and weather sealed but I still love the 1.4 and shot more with it
Thanks! I love gbs but a lot of his stuff doesn't fit in my wardrobe, it's just off; idk hard to explainAbsolutely worth it in every way. I upgraded from the xe1 as well and it's a massive improvement. It's kind of the same feeling when I first got the xe1 and I just had fun shooting everything, no matter what, since the camera was just a joy to use. I didn't think I would notice much improvement since I'm a jpeg shooter for the most part and not a pixel peeper but this...
Geoffrey B Small x3 Guidi The pants have two shirt sleeves that can hook over your shoulders behind your neck link suspenders, but I just keep them tied at the waist. The shirt has had its sleeves cut off and they used to be attached to the shoulders and hang down the front of the shirt, however after people pulling on them too much after some drinking and ripping the shirt I decided to just remove them. still figuring out xt2 remote app
Some grailed pick ups CDGH+ Skirt CCP
In 2014 it was 630eur for the particular pair I wanted which retailed for $1200+ at the time
Check out Saguaro National park outside of Tucson (classic desert) and theres also a nice drive up to a lookout near Mt. Lemmon I think in the Coronado National forest
I'm 6'2" or so and 45 shoe. I bought things like scarves, a boro blanket, a vintage noragi. Actually found an individual sentiments coat that fit well, you could find some yohji.. not totally out of luck!
thats canada
Ah! and here I thought you were just a little dyslexic
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