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The other night, going to @Naka'sHer: SS, COS, idk, idk, APCMe: RO [[SPOILER]]
I think that's a great way of going about itooo ominous comma, I leikI think this challenge will actually be a challenge and I'm really excited to see the entries, I just hope people will participate
you could go that route, if I'm reading that right you're saying basically the same outfit twice but styled differently. I'm not opposed to that. It's still early and I'm open to suggestions, but what I was thinking was something along the lines of showing the diversity of an item/wardrobe and forcing people to think of different ways to wear their clothing. I've posted a lot of similar fits too but its all generally been the same style, I'm hoping to get people wearing...
The next challenge has started! You have 2 weeks and omg check out those prizes wowe ONE PIECE TWO WAYS
After coming runner-up in the Denim Challenge , winner and forever busy style master @Synthese has passed the honor of starting the next challenge to me. So with help from my advisory council, I present the next challenge- One Piece Two Ways The object being to put together 2, count-em 2, completely different outfits with one or more of the pieces being in both outfits. I'll allow you to use an older fitpic for one of the entries if it is not too old and still...
No but these will suffice http://www.daytonboots.com/products/service-boot
Ya those back zips are still being produced, saw them for the current season at Eastern market, although not the same leather I have. EM buyer said he's never seen mine before so idk what season that was.But between you and me I didn't pay $1k, more like $0.1k from a lucky ebay bid. (And they are my favorite boots )
Dont see why not if it's still relevant and not like years ago
lmao synth's safari expedition. Parker and Msg 4 me
copy + paste from challenge thread 'I think I'll go with a spin-off from my first suggestion in RFT, which was the polar opposite challenge. Specifically 1 item styled 2 ways. I'll post a new thread this weekend, thanks for all the suggestions!' Thanks @nicelynice @Rais @kindofyoung @nahneun @notwithit @fireflygrave
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