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Voting thread is up for the recent challenge. Thank you to all that entered! Remember, third place gets to choose the next one
Shout out to everyone who entered, this was a tough challenge and you all make me proud But... there can only be one. Who did it best? Poll closes June 26th VOTE VOTE Keep in mind the goodsz:1st place: Something random of my choosing from Rakuten2nd place: A watercolor painting of your entry by yours truly3rd place: You get to choose the next challenge! yay1~~
fire fire fire, NN that bottom fit is one of my all time favs from you *100 emoji*
~24 hours left 2 piece 1 way?
I'll allow it
For the last couple of days I'm adding a possibility for entry, like a shady backdoor visa
Guys guys guys theres about 3 days left on my challenge and 4 people have entered (well 6 people but..), I know its a difficult one but don't you want a watercolor of yourself!?! For the last few days I'll allow this: one fit pic, if you incorporate something where it shouldn't be, ie jacket as pants, pants as scarf - take a long hard look at your wardrobe and think of the possibilities .
oh shit I love it, Rosenrot's band-aid goes so well
yoooooo @Rais @KongGeorgeVII with the big guns so thats how to wear KTZ
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