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someone should buy for their s/o
I like the top half @AgeOfAdz
Ya idk. Maybe that's her best ideas hah. Tachi Murakami is a good example of someone who previously worked for a major name as a pattern maker (ma+) but successfully found his own after leaving.
This reminds me of when Moo posted a fit wearing an Armani (iirc) leather and got attacked for having the wrong 'ethos'
Sinnedk I get what you wanted to do but simply saying that you think Deepti is boring and you don't like it will not start a discussion. You need evidence to support your opinion, especially on forums like SZ, where simply replying 'lol' will not fly. The guy that said you're uniformed was kinda right. You said Deepti is an extension of CCP (look who is an 'extension' of the Continues Collection), and thats largely true since she was the pattern maker for CCP and...
images aren't loading for me
Re posting from original seller as these were sadly just a bit too big for me. I'm open for trades that fit 11.5 foot. Carol Christian Poell custom order in a very rare color 19. They are made of a substantial horse hide and they have a ton of life left, new vibrams have been added, also new heel tabs and they zippers are in pristine condition, they zip very smoothly. I bought this pair from BEAU a senior member of StyleZeitgeist about 3 years ago and he order this pair...
I'm interested in ordering, how does one go about doing that again? What do you recommend for a true 11.5
ya those og MMMs fit pretty slim in the toebox
size small black geller zip blazer
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