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Grailed claims it offers protection in addition to paypal, but I'm not sure what exactly
Good stuff Matt, nice and simple!
This annoyed me for a while too, hopefully you'll be able to select which card gets jpeg in an update. For now I just shoot jpeg+raw to the same card.
she can wear it at least once per year
personally I need to know if the boots have good or bad juju
you're gonna need some alternate stylefourm accounts too
Zpacks sells some waterproof fabric, mostly Cuban fiber. Not sure if that's the route you want but
A lot of these 'artisanal' brands have this. I'm assuming it's a choice they make
I feel the same as you @g transistor, went with the XT2 since I want to mess around with video, liked the dials better, and is slightly faster. I could give or take the articulating screen but I have used it. Also the battery grip is ace
I think @spacepope is right, especially after seeing these other angles
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