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yoooooo @Rais @KongGeorgeVII with the big guns so thats how to wear KTZ
x-post form challenge thread. @nicelynice buy that julius skirt and wear it as a scarf
Stanley got the ball rolling, lets keep it going Less than a week left
Yesssss, thats actually one of my favorites from you @StanleyVanBuren. Only 1 week left, lets see some iMaGiNaTiOn
Thanks @ChronBong, this means a lot . Sent to my gf- "haha wow that was really nice."It really is hard to find someone that dresses good, and even harder for them to be interesting and fun to be around.She really does know a good bit about style; I'm not gonna lie though I've been pushing my style agenda too. It took some convincing to talk her in to waiting and saving up for what she actually wanted rather than just getting shit from h&m, but she's slowly getting better...
If you go Account > History, you can see items you've bought/sold
cause they're different
haha uhhh thank you
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