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you can smash the top down if you like
Not like Glass Organelle but I really like her stuff. Very FWK http://stephanie-hoff.tumblr.com/ And theres http://madamecuriewasmymother.tumblr.com/ in the same vein same-ish aesthetic as glass organelle: http://peasvannoten.tumblr.com/ http://fashion-flux.com/ http://odysseyhome.com/ http://www.thedivinitus.com/ http://the-rosenrot.com/
pants could use a taper but you knew someone would say that
anywhere I can grab that EG vest? super doap
ah yea not giving that up, ever. I'm an idiot for not brining it to Melbourne with me
Its a good shirt. very formal cut and length though (needs to be tucked), the pattern tends to look better when worn formally as well. Its my go-to no tie formal shirt
nvm got beat
you could easily darken those to the color you want
apparently there is a red 907t, if you want blood
I'm pretty sure you're talking about the shoes vans, meaning plural, meaning more than 1 thing unless you are really asking if the brand vans in general is considered cool to some people irl, and to that I would have to say a definite. yes. it's ok to make grammatical mistakes on the internet, just don't get booty hurt about it
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