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ya I've been checking the weather.. Hasn't been bad the past few days (Melbourne)Anyway, I'm moving for at the very least 2 years and I love my shoes I'll be staying in a nice 1 br in the city all by my lonesomeyou guys are supposed to tell me to bring them all, I am disappoint sf
Moving to Australia on the 28th and I've started packing all my clothes and shoes up. These are the shoes I plan on taking. Not exactly my 'essentials' but I thought I'd share anywaymight end up taking the black mmms over the hmmmm and swap a derby for a gat [[SPOILER]]
Our Legacy relaxed drawsting trousers, dark navy with white specs. 'constellation' fabric Reason I'm selling: 1. I have the same OL pants in navy without specs 2. I have some pants by dvn with the same fabric 3. ??? 4. too much overlap They are tagged 48 but have elastic waist so I think they will fit 46-50 (30-34us). I wear a 34 usually *fit pick is the navy ones I have, same pants diff fabric* waist 13-18" thigh 12 inseam 33 crotch 12 hem 7.5 Price includes shipping...
let me have it
more pictures of your place plz
^^ but you should size down 1 in my experience
The pants are pretty nice. Really nice cut too, they sit pretty high with some pleats and taper sharp. I Like them
I don't have 1.6 installed but I surf erryday on csgo
do you surf
sorry ben sold in like 4 hours :.(
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