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Hmm maybe, I'll think about it Thats a Rick lamb high neck
I think you're right, Alden plain toe color #8 would be great
WTB bucket hat Theres a vest too but I don't really want it http://page18.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/w124517904
Closet slowly taking over apartment; fine with me!
Completed the suit! EG fw14
Ya you're right, I was thinking earlier I should update with new lines referencing thin fabric, jean thickness, and like super thick wool or something. Then add a constant for leg hair frictionoriginal post fwiw
ya but dont take it too seriously
definitely a joke but based on real measurements!just use this, don't need graph: P = 1.5L + .5P = pant diameterL = leg circumference
some japanese brands you're not cool enough for on kind-u (mens + womens) click image
Thanks @APK, love my earth tones! And @cyc wid it, I taper all of my pants from the knee down if I don't like how they look, or for wool pants I'll dip the legs in boiling water. I made that chart a while back, but still holds true I think thought about it the other day when someone had it as their avatar in the TOJ thread
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