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some japanese brands you're not cool enough for on kind-u (mens + womens) click image
Thanks @APK, love my earth tones! And @cyc wid it, I taper all of my pants from the knee down if I don't like how they look, or for wool pants I'll dip the legs in boiling water. I made that chart a while back, but still holds true I think thought about it the other day when someone had it as their avatar in the TOJ thread
Moar elevator goodies. Sad that its slowly warming up Today Kapital, qlo, apc, MA Yesterday EG, MMM
Thanks du, I think I was included in the compliment bit. Anyway I've bought from Eastern Market here that carries Harnden, I've also bought from a consignment store in Melbourne that regularly gets Harnden and I've bought from rakuten and YJP. Grailed another option too I guess but its worth it to try it on in store, sizing can be cray cray
if it was one of you who bought that white cotton lab coat from rak and it doesn't work out, pm me
Its Harnden as well, the 'breadmaker'
Another size up would have worked, or even 2 sizes up for that matter, they dont really change that much. I like the way it fits though, its the same jacket in the 3rd fitThe pocket blazer is semi cropped, its called the pocket blazer because the front pocket liners stick out the bottom (on some more than others) [[SPOILER]]
Thanks! first jacket is Harnden
I've been on a thesis lull but here are some shitty elevator fits from the past few weeks
I thought about these but they are pretty old and the shape looks odd imo
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