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Just saw pic- ya that's the SS15 fabric. It's still nice! Seasons don't matter
Ya pretty sure that's last SS, eastern market still has some pieces in that fabric. It definitely has a slight sheen to it with 1 or 2 vertical green stripes. They just got the new Fw in like 3 weeks ago, the olive 'tweed' and a few others for jerkins- waxed and olive knit. And of course the new print with the horses a dogs
that was last season if I'm thinking of the same one, black with a single green stripe. This season is a complex fabric with multiple colors but prodomenantly olive. It has widely spaced 'wells' like thick spaced out corduroy. Really incredible in person
Can someone send me an invite to TheFashionSpot? pm me? got
I like the first one for the same reasons Matt pointed out. Morning light is always so ominous
I think the american equivalent would be Lowry's 'seasoned salt'If you get the no MSG version make sure to add MSG
cheap Geller x Tatras bomber
I have this shirt and its awesome. Colors were inspired by Altieri's truck. Reversible to a solid color
I looked into Zen's fees when they first started and you're right, they were only cheaper for items ~$200usd or greater being that Zen uses a constant rather than percentage based fee. Seems like they lowered that fee or FJ has raised their's since then.
I was Arizona/New Mexico geologic mapping for a month and these were the only pair of shorts I had. After that they became my general outdoors shorts. They've been all around the world! Last month I was wading in a river up to my waist mapping in Tasmania [[SPOILER]]
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