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Looking good mate! Need more robes in here I think this is the fit of which you speakEGx2PR PattersonMA+also xpost from challenge threadThose shoes looks great @KongGeorgeVII! Did you have those on the other day when I ran into you?
from the other night when it actually got kinda cold [[SPOILER]]
everyone take note of how fok formatted his post. This thread would be so much easier if everyone did that [[SPOILER]]
depends on your pants, if you wear jeans a lot - olive. I went with Navy because I love my olive pants
fwiw I emailed LNCC last season and they said TTS too, but they are definitely big
Nike apparently, can anyone find
another drop, about to go up on ebay
I have a friend that put a rubber band around the lower part of the pull for that reason
fuck off this thread
Standard store had the blue etudes hat last time I went in, I think they only had a few though, might have sold. I need your #! I'll send pm
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