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ya it sold I'm sure it was much too large for you though! It was slightly too big for me in the shoulders and I'm 6'2" 180lbCheers, means a lot
Alabama on the fashion come up
Keepin it real in Alabama [[SPOILER]]
unworn guidi 995 boots in baby calf, weird size 45.5 but fit 44-43 probably best suited for a 43.5. comes with box, bag, extra laces. outsole measures 31cm but trust me they wont fit anything over a 44 will trade for guidi boots in size 46 shipping included in the CONUS (forever) and Australia/NZ (until jan. 3)
no idea, they were listed as 'silk blend swinger pants'
wtb these, 48/50 halp
Ya my butt too big now I did have every one I think haha
It's very variable because of the Velcro, not sure what it is actually
I want to say they are in the glass cabinet? could be av_fieldCharles had a pair on one time I went in
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