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good info, Katrina's is 400m from meI guess 55 is ok then huh, I've never had to get one I've just put them on myself. The place I went to was Anter shoe services btw
Can someone recommend a cobbler in Melbourne. Preferably in the CBD. I went to one place yesterday and unless $55 is a reasonable price for just adding a topy I think I should find another oh and I guess while we're at it I need a tailor too (simple alterations)
holy hell I don't think I've wanted a pair of boots more than I've wanted those ccps
yes but I've moved international and cant ship until I visit my parents. so like in 3-6 months, I'll pm you and see if you still want it
Fried my Baratza Maestero Plus right when I turned it on here in Melbourne .. didn't know there was a voltage difference Any locals that can recommend coffee places in the CBD, espresso or drip. Going to go to little bean blue next
Went by sneakerboy in Melbourne last night. pretty crazy store. Old asian dude trying of raf adidas lol Prince wearing rickxadidas, which are pretty cool in person
that is incredibly hard to read
someone buy these, shape is gorgeous. especially irl
lets get a drink
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