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dat bottom button
I have both 44 and 45, I wear the 44 without an insole but they hurt the ball of my feet so I had to put a small foam front insole. The 45s are huge and I have to wear with an insole, but I like those more; they are more comfortable and dont look any bigger than the 44.
will always be just shoes @LA Guy I vote for not splitting the thread up, just rename to some along the lines of 'Artisanal Streetwear - blah blah no baller blah' If you must make a new thread, maybe 'Artisanal shoe/boot thread' and 'Artisanal clothing thread' although I really hate the word artisanal, plus I just noticed it has anal in it. 'Fuck the Zeitgeist - SW&D Baller Shoes and Garb - Kanye 2020'
you went from 43 to 45+ why feet grow
only the finest instant coffee for my denim
they are petit standards, but far from where they started. I've added a taper from the knee down, bleached them totally white (started a very very light blue) and then soaked them in coffee to get the ecru color.
This was a good laugh to wake up toyep, 6 years of "collecting"
Hmm maybe, I'll think about it Thats a Rick lamb high neck
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