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cheers guys, I might try them out. I think that cut works for me pretty well
Thanks MOK, I think we are talking about different pants though. This season b1p doesn't have elastic cuffs and is definitely slimmer than the fatigues, the 34 has a 7" hem
oh, and did anyone other store besides forward stock this fabric in a pant?
has anyone picked up a b1p pant? comment on fit plx
yes thank you! I got the word wrong and feel like a twat. please ignore the call out KOY cheers
I need help finding an article that I think was posted in this thread, It was about expat aestheticists living in some part of Africa. I want to say it was a New Yorker article. I know that's very vague but I think @kindofyoung posted it iirc. Great colors, old people, africa, ring a bell?
regarding the discussion of fits- Sorry to beat a dead horse, but the thumb comments were really good for this. I know I gave a lot more feedback than I do now, it just made sense to post a quick why do I/ don't I like this in the thumb comments rather than take up post space for a short sentence with shit tons of grammatical errors. Since the thumb comments were probably only read by the person that posted the fit or other people interested in the feedback of that fit,...
this needs to stop, seriously
I wear slate much more than black, but I don't wear all black fits very often. The black pair feel really formal to me. I'd say go with slate if you plan to wear with jeans
your best guess would be to go with 43, and put an insole in if they are a little big.trust me I have 9 pairs
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