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snow, that is awesomejust so everyone is on the same page
rap snitches tellin all their business, sit in the court and be their own star witness, do you see the perpetrator? ya I'm right here
dont try and steam your shirt whilst wearing it it hurts
BUT look at how cool the xt1 is its incredible, I handled one the other day
Has anyone picked up the fuji xt1?
Wonderbao best restaurant AUGuy Burgess you're in Melbourne too?
The most expensive meal I've ever had happened to also be the highest tip I've ever given. It was in London at a Michelin starred restaurant, 12 courses + 6 amuse bouche + petit four , 12 wines + dessert wine + dessert sake. I was so drunk and happy by the end I just threw money on the table. Ended up being like 60% tip.. £400
honestly I only liked them after that breezy fit pic @BreezyBirch post it again so I can save it
I have both, chemex and aeropress, I think I like the aeropress better for the current beans I have (Ethiopia). Although I wish I didn't, I find the chemex more fun to use, and I can brew like 3 cups. I was thinking of getting a hario v60. Do you think I find that different enough between the chemex and aeropress for it to be worth it?
good info, Katrina's is 400m from meI guess 55 is ok then huh, I've never had to get one I've just put them on myself. The place I went to was Anter shoe services btw
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