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Ya! I tried to find those a while ago, couldn't remember the name. I like the leather ones the best
Waiting on 2 paris from an order in December
I never said they were high quality, I actually hate that q word. I was just adding that my boots are beat, more than any other shoe I own, and are still alive. The leather still feels and looks nice, contrary to the OP. As for them coming unglued, it was over probably 20+ instances of getting wet/drying, I don't baby my shoes, and tripping up a staircase was the final straw for the left shoe. They didnt just come unglued on the shelf, sorry should have clarified
I don't know if its harder or less-harder now to rise from the middle class that in the past, Intuitevly I would say that you're correct, it seems like increase wealth has correlated with the rise of the internet/apps. I haven't read the article dieworkwear posted, or anything else (that I can recall) on the topic, so I admit I'm speaking from a place of ignorance. However, what I have an issue with is you dismissing the professor's statement—who I assume has researched...
I've also beat my MMM boots to shit, particularly an older model (pre 2008) that has really thick leather. The stitching on the side came undone at some point so I had to get that restitched, then the shoe came totally unglued from walking in the rain so its actually hand welted back together now, and I've had countless Topy's.. but there are still going strong! hhah luckily I have a good cobblerI'd advise anyone looking for a pair now to not order newer models, like post...
Those look great but I cant do it.. Frat boys ruined them for me in undergrad
giving these a shot
Here I'll reply for you
Saw this recently and really liked it, not sure where from Junn J coat
I wore something like this today but with MA back zip boots, I like the long coat/ cropped pants combo
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