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someone buy, size small http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/ragtag/item/r2102400316977/
oo yea, this is pretty much what I had in mind
looking to buy the floral jacquard bucket hat, PM me please
@agvs great fit, If you're looking to part with that hat please holla If anyone has the floral jacquard bucket hat and want to sell it please pm me, I give you $
Does anyone have a good site that archives runway looks, particularly older seasons? I've noticed the place I used to use (http://www.contemporaryfashion.net) has changed to some shitty fashion blog and also resources like the old Margiela website archive has disappeared too. Anyone know of a place that archives runway looks? Seems like it could be a cool project
Philip Patterson (PR Patterson) worked under Altieri, helping with m_moria and getting into fashion mischief. Formerly CCP pattern maker, graduate of CSM and working from London. Now moving to and sourcing from Scotland. Clothes very similar to Carpe Diem; I'll post some pictures when I have time
Ya! I tried to find those a while ago, couldn't remember the name. I like the leather ones the best
Waiting on 2 paris from an order in December
I never said they were high quality, I actually hate that q word. I was just adding that my boots are beat, more than any other shoe I own, and are still alive. The leather still feels and looks nice, contrary to the OP. As for them coming unglued, it was over probably 20+ instances of getting wet/drying, I don't baby my shoes, and tripping up a staircase was the final straw for the left shoe. They didnt just come unglued on the shelf, sorry should have clarified
I don't know if its harder or less-harder now to rise from the middle class that in the past, Intuitevly I would say that you're correct, it seems like increase wealth has correlated with the rise of the internet/apps. I haven't read the article dieworkwear posted, or anything else (that I can recall) on the topic, so I admit I'm speaking from a place of ignorance. However, what I have an issue with is you dismissing the professor's statement—who I assume has researched...
New Posts  All Forums: