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those are due to fall apart any second
when are you going? I'll be there in like a week
can I do winter shorts? #shouthernhemisphere
fried my baratza after plugging it in here (australia) whoops.. I just use the hario kerton now, I have the mini too but its so small my hand cramps gripping it
well I wish you didnt tell me that. I payed $60
I have this too, I was going to recommend it but you said not more than $10 It's nice though, always have some iced coffee in the fridge!
Thats funny, I did pretty much the same thing. Ended up with Hinoki and shattered the bottle on brick floor like 2 weeks later, but just got another bottle last week. Its my fav. Word on the street is the new CDG scent Wonderoud is fireCDG Black seriously lasted 3 days on me even after 2 showers and is still on the sweater I was wearing when I sprayed it. So ya, thats really why I ended up not buying it, it's a great scent but very heavy and I'd have to wait a week...
Too big for me, bought from totokaleo and didnt wear. Subtle texture in the fabric, 50/50 cotton linen be breezy size 50 p2p- 22 s2s- 17.75 $180usd shipped worldwide
lol its not like facebook, you have to hit the @ icon near the add picture icon @nicelyniceor add @ tags
I think the hario is a lot more fun to use and more versatile
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