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yaya glad you liked it! I'm doing about 1 per day at this rate, just finished @spacepope's I'll pm you for address
Guys I promise I'm working on the watercolors! I'll be pming you soon for your shipping address
I hope you guys are all following the instagram by now I'm having fun https://instagram.com/styleforum/
I like this one @StanleyVanBuren well done. I want to place 2nd!
Once again thank you everyone for participating! Congrats to the winners, it was very close Tied for first - The Japan squad (@Synthese, @Rosenrot, @spacepope) and @whitebread! I cant afford this lolz, I'll be giving the squad watercolor paintings of their awesome fits Looks like I'll be buying my gf a gift Second place - @KongGeorgeVII who also gets an artistic watercolor rendition of his hakamas! That means @StanleyVanBuren comes in third and gets to choose the...
Its soooo close, I don't know why I made the poll so long, still have another day I think (time zones senses are tingling). Although I cant really buy the Japan crew all something from Rakuten.. So you guys are gonna have to take the 2nd place prize, so I'll have to get my painting skills revved up! Congrats everyone on a 'less but better' challenge. Really great fits; I second what @nicelynice said.
@Lionheart Bikers right. I thought it was more obvious, same light tube and stuff. Sorry wasn't meant to be a mystery. She wanted to enter so I took pictures and she made an account
Go vote for you favorite!
Voting thread is up for the recent challenge. Thank you to all that entered! Remember, third place gets to choose the next one
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