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I usually wear 46 in guidi and went down to 45 in these but the ones I got came with a fur insole that I had to remove to make them fit properly, I just replaced it with a thinner insoles. Not sure if all models are like this.I tried on the 46 and walked around in store, but they just felt huge even with the fur insole. I know I just confused you
Ran into a tree with a 4-wheeler when I was 6 - got root canal - fast forward 17 years - bit into a piece of crispy bacon - tooth breaks off.I'm getting an implant, just need bone graft to heal
Harnden Rick Guidi Filson missing tooth
my paint splatter shirt in 52 fits like a 50
V. nice color OCBD from GBV size medium and fits like all other mediums shipping included world Pits - 21.5" Shoulders - 18"
right on ya
insole tag says Men's
real men are my only real friends
oh shit I thought it was alpha m. nice knit
decided to just keep, pm me if you really want it
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