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I think they need to get beat up a little. Did those end up being the same ones I have @mitchellmcm27 Here are some fits I never posted EG CDGH+ ss92 Uniqlo Birks Filson baggy EG tshirt EG Dayton
I haven't posted a fit in a while
Love that last one
must have been at a white dudes house
have you checked the bottom level of the Emporium, there was a store with a lot of docs @raags
all I have is this http://post-materialisms.tumblr.com/which is 99% for my self enjoyment. nothing on sf started, but there should be
no synthese nothing to see here. wont fit you sorry
no sorry, it sold
Imodium would have been nice I've mastered the squat toilet to say the least
I just got back, NN will be going later this year iirc. It was pretty incredible, now is the time to go. It will change very fast. Watch the parts unknown episode (season 1 ep. 1), it represents the country very accurately. some of my pictures: http://www.malcolmmcmillan.com/filter/travel/MYANMAR pretty disappointed in my pics honestly. I ended up getting food poisoning early on and was just not in the mood for pictures the rest of the time lol
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