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haha thats really odd, it was my first baller cop as well. I remember being so amped, like heart pounding typing in my paypal password lol
ya 2010
We really should do a 'match your wall' challenge. just look how good these would have been [[SPOILER]] My favorite from you NN in recent years. I will admit I liked your older stuff better like: [[SPOILER]] ya had it saved
I just want to let you know that I bought the MMM paper gats in the good ol days brand new from TBS for $127 wtf happened
lol, how much did @Synthese buy that for on yoox? iirc
Ya the Guidi zip boots are angled back and when you wear them the excess leather in the front creases up
did drew close his instagram?
30sec exposure at Phillip Island. The light is from Melbourne city
just cool dudes on sfso ya
any sf bros on Instagram? I just made one, I quite like the idea of itlittle late w/e [[SPOILER]]
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