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everyone knows MH stands for My Hat
this one's alright http://howtotalktogirlsatparties.tumblr.com/
how swd do you want?http://styleinsp.tumblr.com/
anything that says hario on it
Even better in person, get your hands on itevery day I wonder how I can have it all
ya I always do my own laundry for that reason. My parents have a maid and she does all the laundry. Last year my brother put his raw jeans on the bed to take a picture of them and send to me to show the sick fadez after a year of not washing. He had to run out and just left the jeans on his bed but came home to them in his closet. folded, washed, and ironed
I hope this is self-explanatory enough me, @LonerMatt, @Guy Burgess
snow, that is awesomejust so everyone is on the same page
rap snitches tellin all their business, sit in the court and be their own star witness, do you see the perpetrator? ya I'm right here
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