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nice buy @nicelynice, you can be all matchy with Diane Keaton now [[SPOILER]] Did that black blazer with green stirpe not work out for you?
really cool, top 3 should get a prize, could become an annual passive contest
From EG fw 16 and a scan from 'Go Out' japanese outdoor magazine, Jan. 2016
was that the striped one on yjp like a month or 2 ago?
I have one in size 3 that I'd sell you but its in a box on a freight ship until like May Those a great pics Spope
backpack bros @g transistor
well that sucks, I'll keep an eye outCouple size S on yjp try giving a call to Eastern Market here in Melbourne
looks available here
Suit in L
@Guy Burgess pointed out to me that those might not even be made by PH, just slapped with a PH tag and +$1000 and I think he's right especially after seeing those in person (without cap toe). Looks incredibly similar to William Lennon's hill boot, I think @Guy Burgess has a pair of those. Really wouldn't surprise me if PH did that
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