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backpack bros @g transistor
well that sucks, I'll keep an eye outCouple size S on yjp try giving a call to Eastern Market here in Melbourne
looks available here
Suit in L
@Guy Burgess pointed out to me that those might not even be made by PH, just slapped with a PH tag and +$1000 and I think he's right especially after seeing those in person (without cap toe). Looks incredibly similar to William Lennon's hill boot, I think @Guy Burgess has a pair of those. Really wouldn't surprise me if PH did that
Feel the same @hennree, decided to wait for the X-T2 (apparently coming in June)
Theres a lot that I cant find/remember but this one I saved, once again from the ToJ thread
My vote goes to @Synthese and @nicelynice for this 2 for 1 if that counts
Well said @g transistor! Pumped.
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