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I have a cotton shirt I like, raw hems everywhere. I've missed out on so much ED at Bruce. They had an off-white silk shirt there last time I went but it was too small. Wanting to pick up more but it's not as high on my listI really like the jacket you have!
Hah ya that's true. I guess they were trying to say there's less of a market for $500 wool pants than say, leather sneakers.
I've been to Up There a few times but didn't know that had EG! I actually told them last year they should stock it and they said "too expensive" so I guess they changed their mind hah
That's awesome, just noticed you're in Melbourne too. where did you find it? (if you don't mind sharing)Have you bought EG from The Standard store on Gertrude? I haven't had a chance to look yet. Are the prices fair?
Really digging the 2nd one
Cops in my home town of 5,000 people have 2 gyrocopters. They crashed one looking for 'illegal weed'
This FW10 bomber from EG is worth every penny, the construction and fabric are top. I'm not the biggest fan of this color-way but it could be cool http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/kind-u/item/575315001392/?s-id=borderless_browsehist_en Cheap SS scarf http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/kind-u/item/575315007066/
Lots of PR Patterson pictures below. It's probably safe to say he's my favorite designer right now. I'm glad a store here carries his stuff, Its been hard to find in the past but I think DSM picked it up this year (might be womens only). I was wrong when saying brass buttons on my last post, he actually uses bronze. [[SPOILER]]
Just sent you some quick iphone ones, gonna wait until its not dark to post better ones
Tried on a IS coat today in like a textured ramie (iirc), wool lining was removable and could be worn separately, was really nice. Never paid attention to the brand before, guess I'll have to make a few new rakuten bookmarks.Harnden has really lost it with his pricing.. knit jerkin 2800aud, waxed jerkin 3400aud, insane. Totally not worth it.. The sad thing is it still sells at retail like hotcakes.New PR Patterson is quite nice as well, continuing with the thick black...
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