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was mens, now womens
If anyone's interested in buying a brand new pair of Taichi pants pm me, thinking about selling. Fits around 32
How are you tying laces @coolron? I tried a pair on and the SA had me take the loop over the toe and around to the back which made it look like yours, I just wrapped around ankle again to make shorter
Some photos from a recent trip to the Australian alpine
sizing various significantly by season/fabric, I don't think it's worth trying to make sense of. Just ignore sizing and try on or get measurements imo
working hard on my submission(s) Do we have an idea of the printed paper size?
Grailed also bought from me, the Ann ornate overcoat, they priced it a little higher than they bought it for (I'm not 100% sure it's mine but I did sell that coat on grailed)
Local post is always best imo, just gets handed off to USPS. Ask them to mark the value low
ya 6% + paypal so around 10% ... Prefect time to release the new SF b&s
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