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Thanks!@in stitches@Snoopy@spacepope size 46 pops up on yjp from time to time, you could probably do 46 or 48. I'll keep an eye out for ya@Joykillers Thanks mate, I think your fit works well. Those Story pants are great, I had a similar shaped pair of MMM trousers that I wore with GATs too. [[SPOILER]]
is this a good time to plug my app
my favorite pants of all time [[SPOILER]]
got the whole suit for ya (gotta be skinny on bottoms though :/ )
@ClambakeSkate I like the Muji wheeled stuff for check-in but carry-on I use Filson, does the job. Briefcase under the seat, and duffle overhead. The medium duffel is made to meet maximum carry-on size.
Thanks G. I've always liked your photo of the mossy trees, makes for a good desktop background! Looking forward to the next issue, I have a feeling we'll get a lot more entries.If anyone's interested, I took a lot more pictures for the PORK entry, also for anyone that missed out:(words uploaded weird) [[SPOILER]]
I'll send you a pm with some fit pics and more info when I'm home on monday
These sizes pop up frequently on YJP, often in good condition
I went to grad school in melbs, back in the US nowThe trousers on me are slim, they have a constant taper throughout the leg. I didn't put a bottom hem width but its about 19-20cm 7.5-8" (not home atm to measure). The crotch is mid/high rise so no problem with thigh tightness. I'll take some more fit pics when I get home Monday if you're interested. I think @RegisDB9 had/has a pair, he might be able to comment.its this pant with wide outseam regis [[SPOILER]] If they don't...
not much of a good deal anymore, when I linked it was about $50
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