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Just noticed I said pediwear but meant pedag :/
Pediwear is good for really thin insoles, if you want to try thicker I like Superfeet. I buy a size up and cut down to size. I've fixed heel slip with these little stick on leather heel pads like these, sounds like you might need a combo of heel pads + insoles.
@Synthese Thats a good look. I recently got those Kapital jeans too after looking for them in my size for like a year, they are awesome. There's still a pair (different color) on rakuten if anyone's interested, fits 32-34
Pretty sure all shafts are same slimness
Someone should buy these and dye them brown/black. or keep the yellow
Incredible pair of pants by Taichi Murakami, the Japanese designer and former Maurizio Amadei employee, I think he was a pattern maker. Pants have been worn once, bought from Eastern Market in Melbourne, Aus and I'm the only owner; rrp $1720. Taichi marked size 8 (white threads) which translates to a 32. Good for a 31-33 or smaller if you want to get the waist taken in. The fit isa perfect 'slim-straight' Waist: 43cm (17") Outseam Length: 118cm (46.5") Hem width: 18cm...
good amount of Taichi up on YJP
@WBaker's selling some good stuff at very fair prices. Fencing shirt for 35?! and the OG bomber ?!
that one was just too small, hung on to it for a while. ya still though, thats one I wish I'd just kept anyway
Everything I've sold on SF, ebay, groiled since 2010; old-new. 154 things! Don't be afraid to get rid of stuff (although there are some I wish I'd kept ) [[SPOILER]]
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