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I didnt see the hat fit but fit w/o the hat is rad, great hair/ glasses combo
I honestly wouldn't want the HS to darken at all. which I know is pretty much impossible, so that saves me $1000 dont like the black ones
$780 from NNY
that coat is amazing, is anyone else carrying it?
Thom yorke knew all alongbut really MMM highs are pretty tough to wear for some reason, I think Fuuma was on track with these (sorry fuuma I think I jacked one from facebook a while back) [[SPOILER]]
I wonder if you could chamber vacuum something like the ferns in the preserving liquid, basically infusing the cells immediately with the liquid and removing all the air (no oxidation). It would be cool to see how long the color would last then, take a visit to south Alabama and use my brothers chamber vac!
Are you saying how long could you go without it bending? I could have gone probably double the length, these galvanized pipes are incredibly strong. Although I would have needed to make a wider base for that, but ya there's no way these pipes are being stressed
looks great g. Have you tried momofuku's octo vinaigrette? Pretty similar to yours, I loves ithttp://leitesculinaria.com/75754/recipes-momofuku-octo-vinaigrette.html
so are we proceeding with the cards or??
Thanks, it was about $70 all up. I think you could find cheaper steel, the only kind they had at the store I went to was galvanized steel
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