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finally got the chippewas i ordered before christmas... wow they are great
In store sales today were next to none
yikes also ordered a pair of chippewas on Fri too with the 30% off. no cancellation email here yet. just backordered til mid Jan
seems like every day is a new sale. ordered the chippewa's with the 30% off. back-ordered until 1/17 though
ahhh the blue jacket. me like
same thing imo. i have one of them and it feels the same...per the jcrew website... "Inspired by traditional Indian madras"
$160 LEE for jcrew jeans. really
iirc last year they did this 25% off then a 30% off before xmas.
gheez, nike and jcrew now.
Quote: Originally Posted by Snacks The Cat Has anyone noticed that a ton of stuff disappeared from their online website? Most of their new shoe arrivals (Nylites, Alden bucks) are gone, as are a bunch of new shirts and older classics, like the St. James Meridien II tee. Some of this stuff went up like last week, and I didn't see much in the sale section. Is this some sort of funky glitch? Or simply something that I've never realized they've done before......
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