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Cigar day.
Yuketen - Dress Chukka 9D Pebbled SG brown leather with Vibram christy sole. Only worn for about a week and decided to sell since they do not fit me well. $200 shipped to CONUS.
Great minds think alike..Red Dainite on LS Ultimate Jumpers.
Nice makeup but lifting another stockist's pic, editing it and posting it on your own retail site is in poor form IMHO.
LS Ultimate Jumpers Thinking of sending 'em in to bnelson for a dainite job to comfort my tired feet. Red brick too crazy?
Definitely agree with everyone else here! I've been wearing my RK ISC for the past few weeks. The fabric from Cone is really nice and the cut is perfect! The honest pricing (IMHO) is also a huge bonus. Looking forward to the new AR-G trousers as well!
Another vote for the Grant last!
^Perhaps edit your first post then. I'm very happy with my experience with NS. Definitely one of my favorite online shops!
Not to beat a dead horse but looking at the pics, the boots do seem used and creased so its understandable that they will not be accepted for return. In all fairness, they cannot accept a used boot and sell it as brand new. I think every stockist has a similar policy.
Anyone interested in a plain toe boot similar to the LS Pitt Boots in Whiskey and on the Grant last? The more I get into shell, the more I appreciate the creasing and patina and a simple plain toe is the way to go IMHO.
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