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Haha yes already paid for mine.Glad to finally get real leather on a GAT sneaker. Too many MMM with JCPenney level leather
Yeah I went to airport 3 hours early to be safe, was in line for 2 hours. Only got ahead due to the fact that I was willing to accept euros over pounds. Definitely just going to take VAT off at store and ship next time. 8.5% is almost VAT refund fee charged anyways.
Where in LA are you? Definitely see all those ties consistently at Marshalls I go to
Email also says F&F is Thursday from 12pm - 6pmEDIT: It just says you can go, does not ask you to present anything. I've only bought a few things from Ervell so I don't think it's a strict sale or anything like thatAnd everything good at Mr. Porter is pretty much marked new season or permanent collection thus not part of VIP sale
Haha believe me I checked, can't make it that weekend unfortunately. Hopefully next trunk show though!
Would probably be too narrow. SC lasts don't really fit well for me in general. With pret adjustments fit is good.Really wish LSBH was still around, well worth it to meet with Phillip and being able to see everything in front of you.
With current Euro value being so low it is well worth it.All my recent Carmina pairs had minor QC issues that are in line with what I had with Meermin. Sure in general Carmina uses less leather probably but still lot's of subpar leather cuts used in facings or inside areas of shoes.
Same soles as well, the rubber one is quite nice
Medium duffle has worked for me on carryon from tiny size requirements like RyanAir or Spirit and on normal airlines as well. I've had it fully packed and never had an issue. Only time it would be is if there were weight requirements on bags but that is rarely checked
Any of those CC or zug would be really helpful!
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