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Personally I really like OL tees but it really varies depending on season / fabricMine have held up well
It definitely came on once I ordered not off
Is sales tax getting refunded for non NY orders? No response to email and can't seem to get phone answered neither
You can email them, they usually respond pretty quickly with what is in your sizeThey also send EMS so likely no duties in US
Have a few pairs of Epaulet trousers that I haven't worn for too long. All are size 34, new and unworn / un altered. All prices include shipping and fees within the USPlease refer to Epaulet's stock photos for the most accurate representation of color.Walts:UK Donegal Tweed Navy - $175-->$160http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/bottoms/products/slim-walt-trouser-uk-donegal-tweed-navy [[SPOILER]] Rivets:Ash Grey Twill -...
Tassels has their summer sale going on a few EG models on sale
Been craving Irish curry, any place in LA have it?
Thanks, figure my french calf was already that cost... do you know if it's horween or japanese?thanks, tiny savings then haha
F it got the scotch grain shell, need a black boot anyways Anyone know what original retail was on it?
failed in getting boondocker and french calf service boot
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