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Thanks!You have a 64 Galway on order right? CC is pretty close to the Zug
xpost First wear of the Kudu Isham today:
First wear of the Kudu Isham today: Wish Thrope was in another color so I could get it too, like the grey they used to have.
Yeah I think it depends on instep as well, I can't get my foot into Chelsea boots without a ton of effort as well
Thanks! Waiting on Oak Willow NevisIt's probably my favorite boot, almost bought a spare pair last preorder
Thanks, hoping I can get a collection like yours someday.And have Epsom and Aldereley, was waiting on Nevis to take a group photo of all EG boots.Thanks!
Yeah takes me maybe 5 minutes to get them on, have to unlace 7 eyelets then relace them up
drop to $295
final drop to $595
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