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How would you describe the leather? On soft side or stiffer? Interested as texture seems close to Edward Green willow calf but viberg said it was a German tannery
natural sold
For your consideration: A new pair of Viberg shoes in Size 9.5 -145 work oxford model -110 last -Ebony Latigo leather -Cats paw heel and vibram half sole Comes with original box and shoe bags. Asking what I paid, eating shipping costs and PayPal fees. Tagged Size 9.5D, please know your Viberg sizing. Asking $725 shipped within the US, all fees included. International please PM. All sales are final. Please know your sizing. Items are sold as is and by tagged and / or...
For your consideration: A new pair of Alden Indy Boots -Made in USA on the Trubalance Last -Brown grain CXL leather -Brass eyelets -Commando sole Tagged Size 10D. Retails for $585 at Epaulet. Comes with original box (in fair condition) and shoe bags. http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/footwear/products/alden-for-epaulet-edmund-indy-boot-brown-country-grain Selling as these haven't made it to the rotation after a few months. Asking $550 -->$525-->$495 shipped...
http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/accessoriesDo you want dressier or casual? Corter / Tanner / billykirk have nice workwear onesBarneyswarehouse might has some for cheap if it's additional % off
On paper the neighborhood he's is in is the top .001%. That said robberies and stolen stuff skyrocketed maybe 10 years ago and hasn't really stopped. I've gotten enough packages jacked in similar fashion due to drivers not ringing bells or knocking and this was before my choice and stuff was out. I hold everything now if I'm getting packages to this area that doesn't need a signature. And notes and stuff don't help, drivers just do not care. Also if it was Fedex and after...
These look a bit like Willow Calf https://www.mrporter.com/en-us/mens/viberg/brogue-detailed-leather-lace-up-boots/722231?ppv=2
I thought pig skin was bespoke only?
Had someone charge 575 at bcbg on a card I rarely used. Went to two small restaurants the week before and nothing for two months before that other than Costco so figure someone swiped it there. wad right before holiday travels so took two weeks for me to notice.LA hasn't been bad for me. Record for me is two months at NY and 6 weeks at Chicago. Usually it's quick but random packages always get lost. Calling to find out will do nothing. I've gotten follow ups of inquiries...
Asking prices include US shipping (Small FR box) and PayPal fees. Width measurements are approximate. Final sale.1. Drakes Triangle Print Red -$35-Made for Barneys-8.5cm-Unworn, new without tags [[SPOILER]]
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