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Thanks!Haha should be some more green in a few weeks
Rosewood / Tobacco on E606 from eBay. Coincidentally this pair's number is one before @NAMOR's pair
How do you size niche shorts? 34 waist and maybe a 10.5 or wider leg opening? L or XL?
Chart is pretty accurate for my GF. She is normally 6.5US and takes 4UK in Carmina, Tricker's and C&JRag & Bone is 36.5 to 37, Brooks Brothers is 6.5, Tom Ford is 37, Louboutin is 37, Repetto flats are 37.5 and Zara is 36.5 / 37 iirc
Yeah I always wanted to make MMM Gats work but I could never get over the terrible leather quality. These blow them out of the water. Was going to order one more pair but looks like my size is sold out
Get the green! You can always get a brown sneaker, very rare to find a good looking green one
I've only worn them 3x so haven't done anything, I'm sure normal saphir polish would be fine
Isham: Also does anyone know how G&G marks shoes from sample sales? S for sale, seconds, subs? R for reject?
Noticed Skoatiebolaget has a DOAK / Loden Galway coming in fall. Anyone want to join me for a stock pull in nonstandard sizes and narrow / wide widths?
Beautiful!. UPS plus weekend means I won't get mine until next week
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