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For your consideration: [[SPOILER]] For your consideration:A new Inverellan / Strathtay 3A in Size 38-Loden green wool-Wood buttonsNew with tags. Includes yarn and extra button.Measurements, in inches, approximate:Chest: 20.75Back length from bottom of collar: 25All sales are final. Please know your sizing. Items are sold as is and by tagged and / or marked size. Measurements should only be used as a guide. New items may show evidence of prior handling.Asking $185 shipped...
Anyone know of any places selling dutch crunch bread in LA? Having serious cravings right now
Same design but loden suede for $575 at GF:http://gentlemensfootwear.com/collections/frontpage/products/carmina-shoemaker-captoe-balmoral-boots-in-brown-calf-loden-suedeLoden is a nice color, not too green in most lighting
Where were you getting G&G at that pricing two years ago?
@saurabhRegarding the spots on natural shell those are bound to happen and probably unavoidable, even on a bespoke pair. Every pair of light shell I have has some sort of imperfection (including G&G). The jumper boot ones wouldn't bother me at all, the jodhpurs would. That said I'd live with it as you have no idea how next pair could turn out and they still look really good overall. The shell will darken a bit with wear so spots will become less visible. Your pair also...
Like makeup. I'm good with this, prefer dark brown midsole.Like Laufer ok with storm welt as well as GG06 last
Yes I'm still in. I'm flexible as well but doesn't look like we will be getting 6. I'd still be interested after price increase as well.
Haha this is generally the case with RL, as some will insist shoes are made by Ralph Lauren not by another maker. That said there is a purple label guy in the rodeo drive location that used to do corporate footwear for RL and he does know he shoes. Older guy want to say his name is Scott? Also the G&G shoes will probably be D / narrow width.Khakis has G&G so it might be worth a drive out to Carmel instead. Or just trust Patrik and Skoab for with their sizing recs, they are...
For the racing green I'm open to all soles and eyelet / speedhooks people want. Natural edge I'm iffy on as green is pretty dark. Just want boot made so willing to compromise though
Stitching looks great on the EB, very tempted. Hopefully the racing green hatch thrope gets enough interest though
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