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What order number? I want to get refund but I'm so close to the orders that were last delivered a few months ago
Thanks, glad to have gotten them after missing out originallyBeautiful wear on this pair
Loden suede? This is the photo I got from Farfetch last october, should be 82 last
Two questions: - had a buyer purchase a pair of pants. I packed and printed label next day and he messages asking to ship to another address. I tell him no problem, refund him and send new payment request. Haven't heard anything from him in two weeks so sent a cancellation request. If he doesn't respond can I grt FVF back by calling eBay? -got a neutral feedback today saying good but communication stopped after a while. I had a zero feedback buyer from South Korea send...
Yes those Kafka shoes. Weird we both got called on that one haha.
No rush! Not in any need of shoes right now so hopefully the Ishams make it into the shipment as well
I tried to get both as well but card didn't go through and PayPal wouldn't let me login for some reason. Ended up getting invoice sent to me but tan ones were gone by then.
drop to $680
drop to $475
No it's a thicker cowhide not sure what it is but different from CXL more like a latigo but not the same as that neither. Emailed viberg but Drew said he only knew it was horween cowhide
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