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You mean the wash marks like this? Permanent! Though it's been mentioned a few times before for the greyish officer chinos a while back I think. I forgot but I think it looks cool
LWB in list I see is 91 so might be another version LWB:
Not in some parts of the bayI don't think people will ever believe it unless they see it first hand
drop to $1100
Anyone going to G&G sale? edit: flights to London are only $660 might be worth a weekend trip!
updated to reflect price drops
Saw you posted on Epaulet thread as well and just realized I didn't read your sizing right, should have been 10UK or 10.5UK on the Detroit
Simpson and Detroit are almost opposites in terms of last shapes. Simpson is on narrow side while Detroit is a fuller size last. If you prefer 10.5E on Barrie then I wouldn't look at any Simpson shoes. Detroit equivalent would be either 9.5E UK or 10E UK (with conversion to 10.5D and 11D US).
Oooh that green is nice!
That feeling when you order cheap stuff since it's cheap to go with the stuff you really want only to then find out days later you paid shipping to receive only the cheap stuff Is it just me or are small stores just terrible in service these days? Up until last fall I never had an issue and almost every purchase was pleasant. Recently it's endless for me. Sale stuff being oversold is common but not hearing about it until days after shipment / being charged is a bit off....
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