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2-3% drop is pretty good to get into market and I like him would do that same if I wanted to get in. Waiting for an arbitrary number makes little sense to me. What is your reasoning that S&P will go under 2000?I would just buy S&P ETF right now and maybe one or two random stocks you like
It's pretty standard fitting last, approximately a US 10D. What shoe brands / lasts fit you well?Do it! You need some green in your rotationWill get another pair with next vass order
Haha yes no it isn't On plus side bought something in cordovan this morning so quite happy
Nooooooo missed this! Probably a good thing though
Part of the game, you need to decide if you still believe in stock and company. If you do, keep shares or buy more. If not cut losses immediatelyI lost half of Roth IRA and a bunch more to Vale a few years back. I remember my Dad got me a Vale coffee cup as a joke since I wouldn't sell it. Eventually did but learned my lesson then.
I had some epaulet stuff do a tour of there too. Both packages shipped at same time so no idea how one ended up thereStill within your delivery time frame?
Another shot of burgundy shades
Thanks! I should have gone 43G but got swayed by a few posts saying F last was pretty close to P2. 43.5 probably would have worked tooAnd yes I believe U last does come in G width
For your consideration: A new pair of Alden Boots in Size 10.5D -Aberdeen Last -Sage Nubuck -Brass eyelets -Flex sole Selling these as Aberdeen is a bit narrow. A very unique color. Marked as seconds, for the black marks throughout - please see photos. Though these marks do show up on Leffot Instagram so not sure. Comes in plain white box, no shoe bags. Sole has a square sticker mark, will get a photo up in the next few days Asking $375 shipped within the US, all fees...
For your consideration: A new pair of Vass Old English in Size 43F -F last, round toe -Green museum calf from Ilcea -Haf sole -Metal toe tips Comes with three piece lasted Vass trees. Selling as it's too narrow for me so need to reorder in G width. Comes with original box (unmarked other than Vass) in fair condition and plain white shoe bags (again unmarked by Vass). These were ordered directly from Vass. I've tried these on so a little bit of creasing but no wear on...
New Posts  All Forums: