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Speaking of new JLC world timers at half off, saw one in Barcelona today at half off plus some VAT back. Was a bit too bulky / out of my budget but if anyone wants info I can send it over. Not sure specific model but think it's this one http://www.jaeger-lecoultre.com/CH/en/watches/master-compressor-extreme-world-chronograph/1768470
Yeah I learned that lesson last year. Restaurant weeks have been solid in NorCal but when I went done LA it was terrible. Every meal had some sort of issue. Granted spago in general seems to be terrivle everytime I go (not by choice) and capped it off last visit with soft shell crab sauced with 'amazing homemade sauce inspired by asian cusine' that was actually just a standard sauce you can buy in a grocery store in Asia
Chelseas in Cordovan being worn via yuyaivy on Instagram
Interesting model
Thanks, hoping this pair doesn't but will find out soon if it will
This leather is really nice, mix of kudu look but more museumeyWhy do I have to live in California? All I want these days are zombie apocalypse boots
Trying to avoid shipping it back but will see what they sayThanks will try that out
Anyone know how to take off security tags? Nomad decided to leave them on my SNS pants and fabric is relatively delicate. Never seen this type of tag at any LA stores otherwise would get it taken off
Thanks, figured as much but wanted to make sure.
Yup, held off on initial order but luckily was able to pick up from a forum member hereThanks and yeah the brandy is beautiful. Further away it is a bit hard to tell though like Pliny said
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