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Regarding lowballs I think I got personal records for a few shoe listings I have. $50 offer for NIB Aldens (with comment saying 20), $100 offer for EGs listed at $700+, $130 for EG boots listed at $800+. I usually get $250-$350 offers but these ones are beyond me. All declined automatically
Very nice. Always regret not getting that pair.
The stains seem to be the leather stretched out when lasting and lightened a bit? Not sure where Meermin sources the museum calf but in general museum calf is a bit thinner and more prone to these. Also a bit more "cheap" feeling like you mentioned. (Outside of Lobb, you can find people complaining about this in Carmina / Vass threads as well). Like others mentioned a bit of polish would fix most of the issues. For the top taps is it polish from the paint used on soles?...
The E/F ones can be quite snug inside some E width shoes but most of mine are F and they fit wellRenovateur. Normally I wouldn't use reno on crust very much but it does get rid of a few layers of polishYou could also try moisturizing leather with something like lexol or bick 4 then a few layers of polish as that might help as well.It's top layer that EG finishes on the crust. I got veiny leather from EG before and it's very different looking / feeling as it's in the...
I believe this part of the finish with crust leather, use a bit of reno to remove top few layers then re-polish and it should go away. If you email G&G they say the same thing as well. I've had this to some extent on both EG and G&G shoes. Whether such finish issues are acceptable on shoes at this price point is up to you to decide.
Damn thanks for posting. Was going to go today but didn't really want to deal with traffic.Hoping all the stock arrives once everything is marked down. Was about to get all the plokhov stuff at $10-$20 when they finally got stock in store.
@sacafotos 10UK Rain vs 9.5F DG70
Yeah that is my photo of the shell jodhpur. They did it significantly better than Carmina did
Damn Tavistock went quick
price drop
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