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Haha they should be here next week. Had that shoe bookmarked for monthsRegarding C&J sizing to US brands it's definitely not as simple as some shoes seem to be UK D width and some seem to be UK E width even if both are marked US D width. Would be easier if they just kept UK sizes only
Any idea how women's shoes fit? Tempted to get a pair from Barneys for my gf
Nice LSBH makeup? I didn't like green shoes back when Bryan had them
Thoughts on 10 day auctions starting this Thursday? Would seem more people at home but also traveling on Sunday after thanksgiving?
Thanks! sadly dress very casual now so these haven't been worn for too long
final drop
Beautiful boot
Nice, funny that is my boot but sold since it was too big. Reddit had a navy shell gmto a few weeks ago but it was pattern that I didn't like, strap facing opposite way. Have a cordovan tavistock as well but really want a carmina model. Hopefully they start accepting gmtos now
+1 I believe it's more of a fit issue or shoes being to narrowI use my suede chukkas as rain shoes, no issues with suede though find their dainite version a bit more slippery than normal dainite
Do you know which model you ordered? Strap facing front or back of shoe? Thanks
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