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Corrected grain leather vs full grainGlue job vs goodyear weltedNot sure how it could be any clearer? Looks are subjective
Cost for HS isn't too bad if you proxy from Japan, and leather used will be significantly better than the crap used on most baller sneakers anyways. And a "real" shoe construction method not really offered on sneakers Wish there was an white option as not really a fan of how they darken neither
Thanks for info, how about the 2102 in terms of width / instep to 888 or Carmina Rain?
I voted for both green boots but I would want 10 eyelets. More torwards the olive side unless we could get dark green French calf? I have green shell carmina captoe boot and racing green delapre EG galway plus trickers cipresso captoe on order so needs to be a little different from those too. I almost bought loden but wanted 2040 last round, but it's too chunky so prefer 2030 now. Not interested in brown of any kind
Drop to $475
drop to $750
$50 drop
Beautiful shoe!
snowflake sold
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