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Bummer to hear. I don't really know of any rtw makers that make shell jodhpurs / chelseas due to shell cracking. I have a G&G pair but I would assume pricing would be double or triple if they are willing to make it.
Did they have the front pocket stitching? I picked up a sale pair from Melrose that was similar to officers chino but did not have front pocket stitching and blank pocket tags. If anything a slightly dressier officer chino
Thanks for the info, will sent them an email
Some new outlet stock: Anyone can confirm Rayder last fits similar to Rain?
Some pairs they had were from an Italian store. I'd assume F width for most of the pairs on the site
Is there a leather swatch for the brown essex hatch? Thanks
Is it delapre leather? My galway from when EG first used delapre had lot's of creasing all over the boot compared to the more recent delapre galway I receivedI think Sid Mashburn has had those boots in stock for 2-3 years?
I bought said pair from Leatherfoot and it arrived creased so most definitely creases (as all leather should). Always nice to buy a boot and receive it in the condition opposite of what it is advertised.That said it was a very supple leather and I would have kept it if it fit better. Not as soft / oily as EG delapre but similar to it. 9EE / F is too tight and 9.5E is too long / a bit narrow for me
My gf found them Tricker's to be slightly wider but with a lower instep compared to Carmina Oscaria / Madison lasts. Tricker's boot is way chunkier due to welt but she takes the same size
I didn't have any break in neither. Maybe the last isn't for you?
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