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It shouldn't but End is the only store I'm at 100% duties with regardless of priceAlso Uniqlo has some airism stuff for $3.90, starts 8pm PST and goes for four hours
Any idea what this is inside a new pair of shoes? Glue leftover?
Thanks, used deer bone, neutral cordovan creme over boot, burgundy cordovan creme over toesThanks!
Thanks, I haven't used any wax on cordovan before. I used to use Reno only on shell it found that it dried out Carmina and C&J too much so decided to try the creme. Now I don't really use Reno for anything
Thanks!Man I wish I had gotten those captoes as well. Amazing photoAlso shined up the color #4 for shoeshinesunday, first time any product or care on them outside of brushing and maybe reno one time:
I also worked on a pair of cordovan today. Usually get pretty lazy and just brush 15 seconds each shoe but decided it was time to really clean this pair up a bit Starting off, some scuffs and dirty creases Using Saphir Cordovan creme, deerbone and Allen edmonds chili edge dressing After one coat of creme, pretty effective stuff: Touching up with burgundy cordovan creme for scuffs at toes and heel quarters, a few very thin coats: Final result: And Instagram...
They are from the Shoemart
Would be in for either of the high boots with 3 piece trees What is pricing looking like?
Damn very tempting if we can all choose what leather we want
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