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Haha yeah 8.5% fedex and fee is almost the same as sales tax for LA. I think my St. C order sales tax was over $200
LA still has John Lobb store and regular trunk shows plus George Cleverley. Saks and Neiman Marcus have EG and Lobb as well.I'm pretty sure LSBH closed due to employees changing, store was doing quite well when I first moved to LA but once new employee was there whole store changed. Learned quite a bit about men's shoes from Bryan and really wish store was still there. Still tons of people with shoes like Viberg and stuff like that though.Money wise Bay Area has way more,...
Good deals at Carson Street. That said hoping I get everything I ordered. Don't really want to find rest of stuff is out of stock after package is delivered and end up pay 20% of item cost for shipping Also http://shop.creaturesofcomfort.us/mens.aspx sale
@mosy@Watchman1@JSO1The photo posted is my photo and still has my watermark. I sold that pair which was then flipped on eBay. Not the same size neither
Here is poor pic of double vs single. I think standard EG is double. I got the double on my alderleys but find it a bit too stiff so always specify single on orders now. It should break it and lessen heel slip though
Congrats! Are the boots on double dainite? IME it takes forever for them to break in and heel slip will lessen once they do. I've avoided double dainite since though I do wish there was a 1.5 thickness one
Plenty of people in RRL thread have bought from them, good deals and real stuff
Shade of Dark Oak came out great! Congrats
Thanks for the mention! Willing to do $595 shipped for this thread.
Anyone know if you can change payment options for shipping directly in PayPal? New setup seems to allow only the bank account (prefer to use my CC) and when I try to ship with old page it gives me error
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