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Do you know if they have any sample shoes / photos in the leather?
Quick question regarding the Valjoux 7750, I was setting the time today and thought I had pulled the crown out fully. As I started turning wheel I felt a bit of resistance and realized I was still on quick set date and watch had stopped at around 12AM. I'm not sure if I changed the date or not and watch seems to be working fine now, but is there any way to know if I damaged the movement?
Final drop to $295
Yeah a full sock liner would probably be best, I used a tacco insole but my toes then hit top / edge of toebox so uncomfortable
Haha I have a shoe in a similar color (5972 made a bit darker)I want a Inca grain boot like Gusv9https://instagram.com/p/0zWjRqBvHV/?taken-by=gusvs9Just waiting on price list for PRET
Insane price drop, cheaper than Alden shell
I don't even get any interest here Might just try another insole at this rate
Man cheap SEK is trouble! Great stock selection
Another drop to $595
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