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Got the kva crocs, got order confirmation page but no email? Just me or people not getting email confirmations neither Edit I'm an idiot, it shows up on account
Thanks, very solid lineup!
Issue has been resolved, eventually got through on phone. I did email and post here too with no responses but will PM you in the future.To get back on track, what SNS do you guys have coming in this fall? Any trousers by any chance?
Olive guidis look incredible, congrats!
Wish more retailers stocked those U models, such a nice design
It took me about 7-8 tries calling until someone picked up for me before on order issues too. Both store and online numbers didn't get picked up when store was open. Maybe I got unlucky but I've never had to call so many times to get through
North face or something similar from REIStill don't get fashion backpacks, you pay more for less function and marginally better design. If it's something like a leather TOJ bag or something like that sure but anything else no
Just picked up a 27in iMac, Best Buy having a pretty good sale of $100 off with edu coupon and 10% moves coupon you can get at Post Office http://slickdeals.net/f/7078184-apple-13-3-macbook-air-core-i5-4gb-ddr3-128gb-ssd-13-3-1440x900-led-750-free-shipping-edu-email-required?v=1
New stark colors are nice, might have to get another green And hoping stores stocked trousers and that they have decent thigh room
Anybody have an XL sakura shirt they are looking to move? Just got my L from matches and damn the arms are slim
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