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Is there a leather swatch for the brown essex hatch? Thanks
Is it delapre leather? My galway from when EG first used delapre had lot's of creasing all over the boot compared to the more recent delapre galway I receivedI think Sid Mashburn has had those boots in stock for 2-3 years?
I bought said pair from Leatherfoot and it arrived creased so most definitely creases (as all leather should). Always nice to buy a boot and receive it in the condition opposite of what it is advertised.That said it was a very supple leather and I would have kept it if it fit better. Not as soft / oily as EG delapre but similar to it. 9EE / F is too tight and 9.5E is too long / a bit narrow for me
My gf found them Tricker's to be slightly wider but with a lower instep compared to Carmina Oscaria / Madison lasts. Tricker's boot is way chunkier due to welt but she takes the same size
I didn't have any break in neither. Maybe the last isn't for you?
I think this issue comes from Alden thread and mac try on method. Recently got a pair of Aldens that had someone else's foot imprint inside the shoe already. So whoever tried it on before worn them long enough to leave an imprint then returned the shoe. Retailer also didn't think creases nor scuffs on soles were a big deal neither.
They deducted VAT when I ordered. Just sent email and they refunded it
Was 30-60% offThanks for the tip, ended up picking up a pair in Japanese denim which I thought they didn't have anymore
It definitely does become an unhealthy addiction. A few years ago I got really into Alden shell and CM shoes in general. Went pretty crazy and kept quite a few pairs for the sole reason of rarity. I finally sold off all the "rare" colors and it felt amazing as I had not worn them in years. I still have a ridiculous amount of CM shoes and I wear one pair of Epaulet GATs like 5 days a week. It feels nice to just put the sneaker on and go vs. deciding which pair of boots I...
Any recs for a jeweler to resize a ring? Anywhere in LA area is fine
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