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Yeah just not really a chukka fan and have ptb in kudu now so a bit of overlap. There is that mountain ram chukka from years ago that was pretty epic here:http://www.styleforum.net/t/236162/gaziano-girling-appreciation-shoe-appreciation-theard/10000_100#post_6628942
Also any ideas on how to deal with buyers unable to choose a correct shipping address? Up until last month this was relatively rare but I'm at 12 orders since September that I've received an address change after purchase ranging from a few minutes to days later. I actually held off shipping a pair of boots to France yesterday as I had a feeling he would change address and he did this morning. I looked at the eBay automated emails and am adding in something like please...
It could very likely be he used Saphir Renomat which strips everything and maybe he left it on shoes for a bit too long? The shoes do look caked in dirt and wax though can't see clearly on photo.That said item has been altered though I do feel a little for the buyer. But like Brianpore said those two options should be good
Oooh Thrope MTO sounds tempting! Though I wouldn't count for the 5 needed. What is current delivery for them right now - 5 months? Speaking of MTOs anybody interested in acorn Kudu leather? Maybe an Isham on mh71? Also there is a paler kudu like Epaulet's Carminas or a charcoal Kudu as well Photos from here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/236162/gaziano-girling-appreciation-shoe-appreciation-theard/4300_100#post_5615429 Swatch from Patrik
Nah it goes straight to Arun@....emailPayPal probably takes a portion of it? But still not going to PayPal directly
Weird part about grailed is now that fees aren't free anymore you send 3% PayPal fee to grailed guy and not PayPal. So he makes that money now? Might be problematic in terms of returns or cases where you have to refund whole payment but PayPal wouldn't cover payment you sent to grailed?
Regarding addresses it's kinda crazy how many people message me after buying something on ebay or grailed or even here on B&S asking to change address since they moved or didn't pay attention in PayPal. And some message days after shipment so it's already has delivery attempted. Not sure why you wouldn't double check or confirm address with seller but it's a very believable excuse
Anyone have this pair from Gentry? Curious to see how the leather wears: http://www.gentrynyc.com/collections/all-footwear/products/viberg-145-oxford-tumbled-leat Also derby on sale at Inventory: http://store.inventorymagazine.com/collections/viberg/products/145-oxford-tan-multi
Thanks guys!Yeah standard bal boot on Rain would be amazing
Thanks for the plug! Gonna put rest of shoes at 99 cent auctions soon I think
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