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Thanks for the tip, looks like 10.5E is gone already
It was $485, everything at Mr. Porter for OL goes to 70-80% off, usually with FSR you just have to catch it when they load old season stuff onto website in next season sale http://www.lyst.com/clothing/our-legacy-patterned-woven-wool-bomber-jacket-blue/ http://www.polyvore.com/our_legacy_patterned_woven-wool_bomber/thing?id=94726388 Full leathers at OL are like $800 max
DAMN color is fire Congrats!
Thanks guys, acrylic is definitely really nice Yeah I've debated going down to a 5 galway wardrobe, never going to happen though
Anyone have experience with package intercept? Keep getting this error: [[SPOILER]] Edit got it to go through, cost is at $41Third time this has happened this month luckily past two had sig confirmation so wasn't a hassle but this one is since not sig confirmation
Always interested in green Though not on simpson sadly And rain snuff boots out for delivery!
Picked up a Sinn 103 a few days ago, been a bit busy so haven't gotten around to posting pics. Was settled on getting a Speedy but this one popped up at Watchbuys LNIB sale (minor wear on bracelet) so I jumped on it at 1/3 cost of Speedy. Very happy with it so far, quite surprised I've been wearing it almost daily. Still want the Speedy so will probably pick one up next year as long as I keep shoe spending in check. Thanks to @in stitches @cyc wid it @jhcam8 @Newcomer...
Congrats on the 1k post! And here is photo Adam sent me:I would take them if it was on inside of shoe but it's on the outside.Similar to this I believe:
Anybody getting their AoC ravello pair today or tomorrow? Just want to see shoe color in sunlight. My pair came with darker spot on outer side vamp of one pair so trying to decide whether to accept them or not. One of the few Aldens I wanted and nice to have the wide width so leaning to accept them but I know spot will bother me
Quite a few members here took one size down on gianni, it fits larger than the other 325 models. If ball fit is good and it's comfy then not really an issue
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