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xpost from G&G Just got around to taking some photos, great service from Skoab as usual
Just got around to taking some photos, great service from Skoab as usual
eBay auction: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Unicorn-Alden-Color-4-Shell-Cordovan-Wingtip-Boot-Size-10-5D-Barrie-USA-leather-/262638050387?ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT Starts at $888.88, 10 day auction ending Sunday, Oct. 2nd. For your consideration: A rare pair of Alden boots in size 10.5D - Color 4 Horween Shell Cordovan leather - Barrie Last - Leather Sole - Made in USA Comes with original box, Alden shoe trees and bags. Boots have been worn, please see photos for...
Does anyone know if any American retailers stock carmina boot laces? Need a few new pairs but it's 15 euro shipping from Spain.
I want a pair of the Adidas mastermind sneakers releasing tomorrow. Will probably hope I get lucky online as I'm not trying to spend $700 on sneakers. Where do you even find bots for random sites?
I got my pair today, feels the exact same as my Isham in 9.5F GG06. F width adds more than just width, there is more room in instep and overall. What last is your Gable on? GG06 is a roomier last to start with
Out of all the Aldens I've gotten over the years I've gotten shoe bags with all of them except my Kudu 404s. Maybe Alden thinks leather doesn't need it?
Thanks and yes they are tagged 9.5 UK, F (wide width)
Green thorpes are in!
Forgot how much people like rare Aldens, listed a few pairs I kept for sole reason that they were rare. Feels really good selling them as I hadn't worn them in years. As @nicelynice says always cool stuff around the corner.
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