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How are you liking it? Missed my first invite but got another todayI also deposited just $47 Hope they actually approve account
My bid is still under retail price even without VAT! Trees included too
Olive Halifax? Haha Patrik mentioned new stuff at pitti too
What size do you take normally again? These are roomy for me but fit fine with small tacco insole. Ankle line digs in a bit at ankle too but otherwise quite nice
@JubeiSpiegelI think they are half size too small for you and more F than G width: Outsole measures approximately 11.75cm x 30.75cm
+1And possible to order a wider width?
Fox suede is so nice really want a pair but don't see it being worn
Call a store, usually quite a bit of BBBF stock in stores that is not onlineNot sure how it works in Canada but might be some stock in store in olive?
xpost from Trickers - Cipresso shell
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