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I've only worn them 3x so haven't done anything, I'm sure normal saphir polish would be fine
Isham: Also does anyone know how G&G marks shoes from sample sales? S for sale, seconds, subs? R for reject?
Noticed Skoatiebolaget has a DOAK / Loden Galway coming in fall. Anyone want to join me for a stock pull in nonstandard sizes and narrow / wide widths?
Beautiful!. UPS plus weekend means I won't get mine until next week
Wow they are coming in fast then! Only 12 weeks?
Sold two items last week, first one said he clicked accept by accident and second one mixed up sizing. Not a hassle canceling transactions but losing the watchers hurt
Somebody please buy the 10! I really want it but can't be buying any more shoes. Thankfully I was sober last night
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