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And leathersoul / axels / sid mashbourn / khakis all stock plenty of d widths for their shoesCheck ebay for all the EG RL shoes they are all d width as well
For your consideration:A new pair of Gaziano & Girling for Ralph Lauren Grassmoor loafers in Size 9.5 / 10D-Made on the KN14 loafer last, D width so slightly narrower fit. Marked Size 9.5 / 10 D (UK / US size)-Comes with box only, no bags. Shop wear on shoes. Sticker residue / pen markings on one sole.***This pair is priced less as there is a minor cut on rear heel, please see photos***Asking $434 shipped within the US, $474 shipped intl EMSCut: [[SPOILER]]
For your consideration:A new pair of Carmina Shoemaker Jumper Boots in Size 9.5 EE Wide UK-Loden green Horween Shell Cordovan-Forest Last, wide width-York soleCondition is new and uncreased.Forest last is a round toe and should fit true to size. These are a wide although not too much difference from normal width. Should fit a US 10.5E or 11D well.This was a $975 GMTO from Epaulet New York. Selling as two pairs of the same green boots is too much, even for me. Comes with...
Thanks!Curious as well as I'm planning on cleaning these up a bit this weekend. Shade is a little darker indoors
Picked up an old pair of Willow Calf off B&S, very unique texture. Interesting to see Edward Green made about 50k shoes since this pair was madeMore photos: [[SPOILER]]
Damn good point, maybe I'll just offer him the return now. Shouldn't have asked for photos
Beautiful, looks like a normal width shoe!
How would you guys approach this? Had a guy BIN on two identical shirts in different sizes. After shipping them the next night buyer says he found shirt for about $30 less than what he bought from me and asks for credit on difference. I deny it but offer him 10% off future purchase. He says remember me. Now he gets shirts today and claims marks / pen stains all over one shirt (I checked and did not see any before shipment, and it's a new shirt). I asked him for pictures...
Thanks for the plug think I'm going to give it two more weeks before just wearing them. Chunky toe but it think it's workable
Beautiful pair! Hope they restock them
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