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Thanks guys!Yeah standard bal boot on Rain would be amazing
Thanks for the plug! Gonna put rest of shoes at 99 cent auctions soon I think
Anyone have a black A2 in 50 in new or like new? Still have a A2 in 48 / 50 available
EG at $1560 http://leffot.com/shop/index.php/shoes/edward-green/ullswater-navy-cordovan.html Your size Mike? D width so a bit narrower Skoaktiebolaget does EG Mto at similar pricing too
From my experience with blazers they are pretty much the same, though there appears to be different levels of hanidwork for Luigi Bianchi Mantova with some being a lot nicer than the 1911 stuff. Believe it is the same companyIf you are looking at coats I believe casentino is the preferred fabric (80% Wool / 20% Polyamide)
Snuff Suede from the recent MTO, like butter
For your consideration: A new deadstock pair of Alden 981 in Size 10.5D -Aberdeen last -Black calf -Single leather sole Deadstock pair, comes with faded box and bags. Selling as just a bit too narrow for me. Asking $225 shipped within the US, all fees included. International please PM
Picked these up on eBay thinking they were Barrie last (description did state leydon but I was on phone and not paying attention ) so they are just too small for me. -Brown calfskin that seems to have hints color #8 burgundy -Leydon last -Commando soles New with box but no bags. Asking $295 shipped within the US all fees included. International please PM.
For your consideration: A new Brooks Brothers Golden Fleece Suit in Size 41R -100% Wool Body -Staple Black color -Full canvas construction, made in the USA -Single vent -3 button front -Unfinished sleeves, extra buttons included -Trousers are pleated front, hook closure and zip fly. -$1600 retail -Suit is new and unused. Tags are marked to prevent retail return. Hanger not included. Measurements in inches, approximate: Jacket measurements in inches,...
Thanks for the tip, looks like 10.5E is gone already
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