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Juts received a pair of 33"eggshell Willshires. Perfect size for me, but although I wear my jeans cuffed, I need to hem them, as they are a bit too long. Does anybody know if I need to wash them before hemming because of shrinking? Thanks Sigurds
No chance of a restock of the white denim?CheersSigurd
Just received a nice pair of Slim Walt in wool - but do I need to wash them before I get them hemmed? /Sigurd
Thanks for your reply. Of course Tokyo is big and I will have little time. I will be staying in the Shinjuku area but most likely will have time for a visit in Shibuya. Interested in Real Japan Blues, Flat Head etc.
Any advice where to go for denim in Tokyo? Traveling there in a couple of months and would appreciate any recommendations. Cheers Sigurd
Quote: Originally Posted by jhcam8 I wear the same size in the TruBalance and the Barrie (US10D) and a 10E in G&G, for example. Thanks. So the Barrie and the TruBalance are quite similar, sizewise?
Another question about sizing. I would want to hear your suggestion for size on the Alden longwings on a Barrie last. In British sizes, I am a consistent 9,5 (Crockett & Jones etc) and I also have an Indy boot by Alden on a TruBalance last in 9,5D, as it is supposed to run half a size bigger than ordinary American sizes. Would I, then, also be a 9,5 in the longwings? Thanks Sigurd
What about new chinos for spring? Maybe there is an answer way back in the thread, but I would anyhow be interested in getting to know what is coming up and when. Thanks.
Ironheart 301's seems to be out of stock in my size (32") as well as many other similar models. Will these be restocked? Or is it just the online shop - I will probably visit the NY store. I'm on the lookout for a pair of slim, sanforized Japanese denim. Cheers Sigurd
Yes, I am interested, but as I am new to this list, it seems that I cannot send you any PM before I have received two of them! So please PM me again, and then I might be able to reply.
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