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I found a nice suit on a store called Costum Limité ( Is there anybody here bought something from that guy ? The prices seem to be much lower than ebay ( and i absolutely love the photography on the website ) I recently had a very bad experience from a seller based in Italy that's why i am looking for some information. Thanks.
What rule did i break ? I read the rules quickly but couldn't find which rule.. Can you tell me ?
I don't know why since three days i don't see Buy&Sell forum, it seems that i don't have right to see it (because when i log off i can access to the B&S forum ) , i don't know why... What should i do ?
I am thinking to purchase a trench coat for spring weather and found a kiton 100% silk coat on ebay. I like the style but don't sure how 100% silk coat will look like and feel.. Any idea ? Here is the coat
Thanks Wicky, i think i will go to Milan for a weekend at the beginning of July for shopping.. 225E is a 'reasonable' price for a kiton shirt especially with the current chf/eur exchange rate..
I recenty listed some shirts but decided to put only new shirts. All are size 15.5 Borrelli shirts are slim with 17.5-18" of shoulders and 21-21.5" of chest RLBL,PRL and Lorenzini are normal fit 18.5" chest and 22"-23" of chest. All shirts are cotton ORDER OF PICS FOLLOWS HERE 1- Borrelli Luxury Vintage 15.5 blue with white stripes 100$ 2- Borrelli shirt 15.5 white with blue dots 120$ 3- Lorenzini purple checks 90$ 4-PRL dress shirt 70$ 5- RLBL cotton but feels like...
It also depends on the shoulder measurements.. But basically an 38R suit is made with 38" chest + ease where ease depends on breand and cut. If you have a 38" chest and if you are a slim guy 39" chest will be fine.. you can try 38 RLBL suits, they will fit you
I am selling this CJ Westfield dress shoes, size is 9UK, true to size, color black. This pair has tons of life. It's in very good to excellent condition.i didn't wear too much this shoes and since i bought VASS shoes, i didn't wear at all. It comes withtout shoe trees (because they are not lasted shoe trees, and including shoe trees makes the weight beyond 2 kg, with an additional shipping charge) Price $250 +... now $225+ paypal fees including shipping.
Thanks :-) i negociated for 4 kitons i will buy th em. regarding isaia, i found shirts on ebay and they are really good looking..but dont know how will they fit for me..honestly i much like pattern and colors of isaia.. but i really feel good in kiton.
Thanks, i contacted him already and made an offer for 4 kiton shirts.. what do you think about isaia shirts, how would you compare isaia shirts to kiton ?
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