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Size please.
Does anyone know if they have Dita eyeglass frames, looking for Grand Reserve in dark tortoise size 52. Cheers, Sartorialist.di.Roma
Pictures please. All the best, Sartorialist.di.Roma
Fantastic Mr Foxx thank you ever so much! They have the biggest selection I have seen so far. For anyonw also interested in the SS10 collection, some of which is missing at Liberty, try Now if I can only find the Horse Riding Jacket in Olive in Large (pic here: If anyone has any leads, or has one for sale, please post or pm. All the best, S.d.R
Hello, Looking to purchase Barbour x ToKiTo jackets, size L. Interested in a lot of jackets from pretty much all the collections. If anyone has any leads to good online stores (preferably in Europe, but not necesary as long as they ship to Europe) please let me know. Have searched the web but found nothing good. Any and all leads greatly appreciated. Thank you for your help. All the best, Sartorialist.di.Roma
Great topic. First off I agree with Shikar, I see the saem phenomenn with my three pairs of C&J shell cordovans, and much less with my Lobb, Vass, Green, or G&G shell cordovan shoes. The people at C&J on jermyn street, where I have been ordering shoes for years, told me that its usually due to over waxing. Shell cordowan need much less wax and much less often than other shoes. Actuall a special cordovan cream is more recomended to wax for shell cordowan,a nd even...
Quite an interesting topic. I actually had a look at all my bespoke suits after reading. I am quite fit and do a lot of sports, hence my figure is what you might call top heavy, that is wide shoulders, long arms, thin torso, wide back, full chest and think upper legs. I prefer all my suits/jackets to be slim and tight as opposed to loose, which is what I tell all my tailors. Hence as a general rule I have my shoulder seams made so that the top of the seam is place just...
@R.O. Thornhill & Macallan: thank you for your replies and insights. I was expecing a greater support for Thomas Tailors on Lexington. Reading further on StyleForums and AskAndy, I came across these tailors, which certaily have a rather grand name, and aprently are used by both Saville Row and big name design houses: Has anyone heard of them? All the best, Sartorialist.di.Roma
Hello All, Am in quite a predicament and was hoping that the esteemed colleagues here will be of aid. Back in the 1990s I had several coats and jackets made for me at Valentino and Gucci in Milan. Now these, although cut very classical, are all very nice items from simply superb materials (cashmere and silk/cashemere) the only problems being that when these were tailored for me I weighed abour 115kg. Having lost weigth since then, and now coming in at just above 79 kg,...
Great shoes. Best of luck with sale.
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