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I was able to grab the Cast/Cobalt during the sale, and I really like the fit. If anyone needed some sizing help, I wear a 32 in APC Petite Standards and thought the 31 in the Cast/Cobalt fit best. They are snug in the waist, but a bit less tight than my APCs were when I first got them. For the record, I got the APCs in 2011, and I feel like I've heard that they changed the cut a bit since. Anyways, I hope this helps for denim sizing. For tshirt sizing, I can wear...
Hey everyone, I'm looking for Common Projects Achilles Lows in size 44 or Maison Martin Margiela GATs in size 45. I prefer that the colorway be mostly white or gray. I am open to new or used condition. I'm hoping to spend less than $220 shipped to DC, but shoot me a pm, and we can discuss prices. Thanks!
Hey everyone, I'm looking for some new or lightly used Lanvin cap toe sneakers. Specifically, I want the black upper with black patent cap toe. I need a size UK 10. Please send me a message if you have a pair you want to sell. Thanks!
I'm getting ready to retire my PS (pics forthcoming). Do they still do the trade-in program at APC stores? Also, I'm hoping to get the Kanye collab jeans in stonewashed. It might be nice to go for a lighter look with my jeans. I wear a 32 in PS, so I'm guessing a 32 or 33 would be good in the stonewashed. If anyone has a pair available or sizing input, I'd appreciate it. Thanks.
Hey everyone, I decided to give the APC x Kanye jeans a try. I'd prefer the stonewashed ones. I think I need a size 32 since I wear a 32 in the Petite Standard. Shoot me a pm if you have a new or used pair you want to sell. Thanks!
Thanks for the help! I thought they had to be laid flat when soaking. I'll go the bucket route to avoid having to scrub the tub at all.
Hey everyone, I stopped by Take 5 while on vacation in Hong Kong and got some PBJ 007 raws. In the past, I've only gotten sanforized denim, so I have a quick question about soaking these. Is there any chance that soaking them will stain the bathtub? I'll be traveling for a few weeks still and don't want to stain a hotel bathtub. Thanks for any help!
Hey everyone, I'm looking for some new or slightly used penny loafers that fit a size 10.5 US. They can be calf or cordovan (preferred) as long as they are burgundy in color. My budget is about $325 or less. If you have some that you're looking to sell, shoot me a pm. Thanks!
Is this the shoe you're talking about?http://www.aldoshoes.com/us/men/shoes/dress-loafers/94992302-woolford/28Edit: By the way, post a link and picture(s) in your first post asking about an item if you have a specific one in mind. It will lead to quicker and more helpful responses.
That could give you a better chance of getting the right size on the first try. Since your interviews aren't until the fall, you would have time to send a few back for a different size if you didn't feel like fronting the money for multiple sizes at once. Also, to answer your earlier question...If you buy one of the suits online and decide you like the look/fit, then you can take it to a tailor in your area to have final adjustments made. If you are unsure whether it is a...
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