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Thanks for the input everyone. It seems like I should go with a medium, especially since they seem to stretch quite a bit.
I'm 6'2" 175. Lift pretty regularly but still lanky with chicken legs lol. I'm not sure if the extra 1" inseam difference between M and L is necessary.
I finally got around to snagging a gray co-mix shirt. They're really awesome. It'd be great if there were a black co-mix that someone suggested a few pages ago. It was also my first JE crew neck (have quite a few U-Necks and Mercers), and I like the fit more than I anticipated. If you're on the fence because of he increased co-mix price, I definitely recommend giving it a try. Also, I want to get some escobars soon, but after reading a bunch of sizing posts, I'm still...
I really like my Cobalts and am looking forward to grabbing Graphites during the sale tomorrow. Can anyone compare the waist sizing/fit of the Cast Graphite vs the Cast Cobalt? The website says the waist measurements are different in the same tagged size, but that seems odd, so I wanted to see if anyone had both to compare. Thanks for any help.
Hey it may help if you can name some of the brands so people who own denim from both those brands and JE can make a comparison. Alternatively, you can measure the waist of your jeans that fit well and compare that to the measurements on the JE site. However, keep in mind that the JE raw denim (and even the washed JE denim to some extent) will stretch out with wear.
NOTE: I edited out parts of the quote that didn't apply so that I could avoid quoting a bunch of text.As someone who has far too many sneakers, I have to disagree with saying that sneakers aren't hard to fit. Many brands fit differently, and what someone considers TTS may not even be the same as what another person considers TTS in sneakers. Since the Gustin low so closely resembles the CP Achilles and sits on the same sole, it would reason that they fit similarly. CP...
I may have considered the CXL lows at the $150 price point and without the wait, but I can't justify paying $250 to wait until the fall to wear them. Also, since they seem to look very similar to CP Achilles, I found this sentence from the email to be kind of funny, "Custom lasting creates the unique Gustin shape." I wonder if there is an actual difference in fit/shape.
From a few pages back...
The photos of the Co-Mix tees have convinced me to pull the trigger on a few. It'll be nice to add some more JE tees to the rotation. Has anyone had luck with that 20% off code? I can't get it to work.
I was able to grab the Cast/Cobalt during the sale, and I really like the fit. If anyone needed some sizing help, I wear a 32 in APC Petite Standards and thought the 31 in the Cast/Cobalt fit best. They are snug in the waist, but a bit less tight than my APCs were when I first got them. For the record, I got the APCs in 2011, and I feel like I've heard that they changed the cut a bit since. Anyways, I hope this helps for denim sizing. For tshirt sizing, I can wear...
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