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I am thinking about picking up a bag or portfolio from the outlet. Can anyone provide some feedback about the bag leather quality? I searched through the thread but cannot seem to find anything. Thanks for any help!
Hey all, can someone confirm whether I should get the same size in the chelsea boots as I have in the achilles lows? From what I have read online, I think they fit similarly, but I found a good deal on a pair and was hoping to get definitive confirmation. Thanks for any help.
Welcome to SF. This thread will do nothing but make you want to buy even more JE. Youll enjoy it, but your wallet will not lol
Hi everyone, after going through multiple pages of search results, I still haven't seen a concrete answer to a fit comparison between the old and new denim. I wear a 31 in Cast raw and a 32 in Cast Coast. What size should I get in the Cast 2 Canyon? I think it's 31 or 32 but would appreciate any help/input because I have a good deal lined up on the secondary market (no returns). Thanks.
Hey guys, do you think trading Cast Coast jeans worn once for a pair of new/lightly used escobars is a fair trade? My Coasts were too short in the inseam and have just been sitting in my drawer, but I don't know too much about the secondary market on them. Based on grailed/ebay, the swap would seem even, but I wanted to get some input before I post a WTT listing. Thanks! Also, I'm really looking forward to the next drop. I could use another hoodie and shirt, and the...
Hi All, I just got some white CP Achilles Lows in size 45 for Christmas, but I need a size 44. They are brand new from End Clothing, and I would rather trade on here than make an exchange since I live in the US. Please shoot me a PM if you have a new pair in size 44 that you'd like to trade. Thanks!
Thanks for the input everyone. It seems like I should go with a medium, especially since they seem to stretch quite a bit.
I'm 6'2" 175. Lift pretty regularly but still lanky with chicken legs lol. I'm not sure if the extra 1" inseam difference between M and L is necessary.
I finally got around to snagging a gray co-mix shirt. They're really awesome. It'd be great if there were a black co-mix that someone suggested a few pages ago. It was also my first JE crew neck (have quite a few U-Necks and Mercers), and I like the fit more than I anticipated. If you're on the fence because of he increased co-mix price, I definitely recommend giving it a try. Also, I want to get some escobars soon, but after reading a bunch of sizing posts, I'm still...
I really like my Cobalts and am looking forward to grabbing Graphites during the sale tomorrow. Can anyone compare the waist sizing/fit of the Cast Graphite vs the Cast Cobalt? The website says the waist measurements are different in the same tagged size, but that seems odd, so I wanted to see if anyone had both to compare. Thanks for any help.
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