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Their country shoes are 1 1/2 sizes off the US size.
Pretty cool item. However, seller has embraced the "EVERYTHING is bespoke on Ebay" philosophy. Most likely a regular pair of RTW Trickers.
Fantastic find, PV! Could you please add some xtra photes, including soles. I LOVE the details of F&S shoes!Thanks Again!
I am very glad to see you bought some Dink's. I've loved their ultra-gunboat styles for a long time, but have been hesitant to pull the trigger based purely on questions about leather quality. They always looked fantastic new, but the used pairs I have seen always creased quite extremely. Please take some pics after you have worn them a bit, I am getting a hankering to pull the trigger myself once again. Thanks.
Really like these. Thanks for sharing!
Don't underestimate the market for certain pairs of Vintage Shoes. Even worn, desirable models in wearable sizes can fetch big prices... in the hands of the right seller in the right market.The issue with that particular pair is mainly the very small size. Yes, the Asian marketplace (and the French marketplace for that matter) contains many buyers with smaller size feet, anything in the 6 range is a very tough sell.
wishful thinking to get that price on the seller's own.
too many threads. You will probably get all your responses from a small number of people who do not have time or the will to peruse 7 threads.
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