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Usually toebox creasing is from a lack of toebox stiffening materials + A POOR FIT.
I appreciate the style of boot, but am perplexed by the creasing in the toebox. That should never happen.
I am usually very good when it comes to identifying shoe leather, but honestly, I have no idea what these are made of. Aubercy Captoe derbies. EXTREMELY soft leather. More so than regular calf. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
LOVE that Vass Goyser!!!
Good to see that Norvegese is making a comeback on SF. A few years back, norvegese was dismissed as "ugly" quite vehemently. Stunning offering here. Thanks for sharing!
Let it rain!
I'd like to have a look at that as well.
daring color. Nice!
Their country shoes are 1 1/2 sizes off the US size.
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