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No. This is the elephant. Here is the "fighting Seal". Similar, but different nonetheless.
1960's - 1970's Elephant Skin chukkas by Church's. Indestructible winter boots.
Absolutely!!! Gotta wear them to really appreciate the finer details.
interesting. The texture looks more like elephant.
Can't say it enough, but Bontoni is the new master of finishes.
I have that same shoe in a lace-up and love it. The leather is as nice as any RTW shoe on the marketplace today.
Nice. I love Santoni shoes. Which line are they from?
Glad u like 'em!
Ville... you learned about bick4 from ME some time ago.
THIS 100%. Great styling and very well made. The leather is horribly cheap, though. My pair is relegated to "rain duty".
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