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1950's Ravello Shell Cordovan Shortwing Gunboats. Pre-Longwing's dominating the market. Tanks.
Not necessarily. I like those a lot, though!
1920's shape resurrected.
really like that suede.
A wonderful pair of True 1960's NOS (unworn) Longwing Gunboats by Nettleton. This is possibly the most popular style of shoe being sold by US Giant, Alden... but this pair from Nettleton, made in the 1960's simply BLOWS MODERN ALDENS AWAY!! It's simple. Better materials (IE: leather) + superior construction (just compare the upper stitching and welt) = BETTER SHOE! If you are looking at possibly purchasing a pair of Gunboats, THIS is the pair for you... and price is...
Yes, I KNOW! I just had to get you to take a look at this gorgeous pair of 1950's Genuine Shell Cordovan Wingtips by Freeman. AND, the ad title is 100% correct. If you compare a pair of modern Alden shell cordovan shoes to these, there is NO COMPARISON. I KNOW, you probably never heard of "Freeman Shoe Company"... that's because they are really a Lousy maker in modern times. In the 1970's, they went "global" and became a mass producer of foreign-made inexpensive...
Heard some good things about their boots. Look rugged and rough... just as they should be.
Something about an artisan working with a set of skills, performing a task by hand and creating a beautiful item that appeals to me.
THIS is the point!!! Of course so many of the steps in shoemaking have been mechanized in order to turn out more shoes, faster & cheaper. You really can't compare the "mechanized version" of a shoemaking process to the same process being performed truly by hand.
Thanks. The leather varies from pair to pair. Like modern shoes, there was great leather & also some inexpensive stuff as well. However, it is really the luck of the draw when it comes to dryness. Storage conditions, temperature and humidity. Some shoes are so dry they are literally turning to dust. This pair was pristine. In honesty, when you do have leather than can be "revived", it usually will require more use of conditioner and cream polish throughout the rest...
New Posts  All Forums: