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Reserve not met
1940's Edwin Clapp Oxford Wingtips. Pretty interesting shape, with that wide welt that extends all the way to the heel. Got these from a SF member a few years ago. Thanks Again!
Kielman is wonderful!
Probably a search issue. Everyone is searching for crocodile & alligator shoes... but only a rare few for Sea Turtle. Those that do not know the difference will not care (or may get a hidden bonus of a rarer and beautiful skin), and those that do will be happy to have found them.
Dan, you should research your CITES. They are obviously made PRE-CITES admission of the Sea Turtle. The mere fact that they are made in the US by Edwin Clapp shows their provenance. US shoemakers never made any endangered species shoes after the animals' addition to the list. Items made Pre-CITES are 100% legal. There ARE quite a few POST-CITES Sea Turtle shoes made in Mexico. THOSE are illegal and unethical.The issue with Ebay is that they do not understand that the...
send me a PM, we'll talk soon.
So, US 8.5 to 9. very close to my size.
What is your shoe size?
Thanks! Glad they are appreciated. I just received them as part of a 20 pair lot from an old friend. His Father passed away 10 years ago and he is just starting to go thru his home. Found a treasure trove of unworn and once worn 1950's footwear.These are a size 10D.
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