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bonafe does great norvegese. Very nice. Please change those laces, though. I never understand why they would sell you dress shoes with hiking boot laces, anyway.
My apologies! I actually sold these a month ago and totally forgot about this ad. On the plus side, I have a shipment of 15 to 20 pairs of other NOS 1950's shoes arriving at my office. I will let you know what comes in. Thanks.
Very nice. I wonder who's shoes he stocks currently. He's got a great sense of what's excellent quality for the price point he wants to sell at. For years, he stocked Borgioli's that were very nice indeed. I ended up purchasing an antiqued chukka, some shell derbies & some antiqued work boots... and all are tons of fun to wear.
Correct. The current prices are very high considering what you get.
Reserve not met
1940's Edwin Clapp Oxford Wingtips. Pretty interesting shape, with that wide welt that extends all the way to the heel. Got these from a SF member a few years ago. Thanks Again!
Kielman is wonderful!
Probably a search issue. Everyone is searching for crocodile & alligator shoes... but only a rare few for Sea Turtle. Those that do not know the difference will not care (or may get a hidden bonus of a rarer and beautiful skin), and those that do will be happy to have found them.
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