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Yes. Not actually fragile, the "interstice" is very susceptible to drying out. When dealing with Vintage NOS unworn shoes, reptile pairs are often "fools gold". While they APPEAR to be in fantastic condition, that area so often is dried out and ready to crack. In batches with both calf and reptile shoes, often the "interstice" of reptile pairs is well dried, while the calf pairs are still relatively soft.
The cowboy boot guys (and I) agree 100%).Not really agreeing with this here. The scales themselves really do not dry out (except in extreme situations). It is actually the membrane/ skin BETWEEN the scales that gets dry and cracks. All of the flexing tension goes right to those ultra thin areas, so keeping them moist is a must. I do not use the Saphir product, so I can't speak of how it works on the skins, but Bick-4 is easily absorbed by the membrane/ skin between the...
those boots are actually the NON-endangered anteater.
They are handsewn Bentivegna. Same as the Vass goyser.
Nice to see the Norvegese coming back to popularity!
bonafe does great norvegese. Very nice. Please change those laces, though. I never understand why they would sell you dress shoes with hiking boot laces, anyway.
My apologies! I actually sold these a month ago and totally forgot about this ad. On the plus side, I have a shipment of 15 to 20 pairs of other NOS 1950's shoes arriving at my office. I will let you know what comes in. Thanks.
Very nice. I wonder who's shoes he stocks currently. He's got a great sense of what's excellent quality for the price point he wants to sell at. For years, he stocked Borgioli's that were very nice indeed. I ended up purchasing an antiqued chukka, some shell derbies & some antiqued work boots... and all are tons of fun to wear.
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