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The wonderful thing about those shoes is how the vamp creases. Almost no creasing at all and I wear them on dancing date nights with the wife.
Actually your third! I have that same exact pair. Excellent.
. I hear ya. A lot of garbage santoni out there and the sizing can be crazy. Luckily the sizing is pretty consistent for Goodyear and Ltd. Lines.
Stunning. Santoni Limited Edition is VERY under-appreciated. 100% hand-stitches and hand-welted. The price point is high (around $2200 USD), but they are certainly rivals of Saint Crispins in terms of quality and workmanship.
Anyone want some VERY cheaply made counterfeit JM Westons in the WORST style ever produced??? I mean SERIOUSLY!?!?! Some moron placed a bid too. Sheesh.
II have to agree. All of the reptile skins are wonderful... for a specific purpose and style. Of course top crocodile and alligator is perfect for curvy elegance, but the rougher skins can be fantastic for "tougher" looking footwear. Even Caiman can be a perfect skin for the right pair of shoes/ boots (as the cowboy boot guys have demonstrated). I have some Lidfort norvegese derbies made out of rough crocodile... and they work excellently.
Love the Toitle!
Some more J&M 100's Handmades. Basic Plain Black Tassel Loafer done right. 9 1/2D.
I love exotic leathers and am lusting after some RR shoes. However, I am still worried about its reputation of cracking. Passed on 2 pairs in the last year because of durability rep alone.
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