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As an interesting point of fact, I have seen nothing that states specifically that a "D" width was originally meant to be a "medium" (if someone has some documentation of this, please do share it). Logically speaking, it is an odd letter to start at as the "mean" or "average" size. This is even more odd because shoes didn't stop at "A" as xtra narrow, but went all the way to 5A in some cases, but to 3A most commonly. On the other end, wides only went to 3E. So, there...
Had no idea they did stingray! How very nice they will be. Please keep us posted.
Explain the very existence of so many ultra narrow sizes in the first place. There is no such thing as AAAAA today (as this was an option), and today most makers produce only a single narrow size, while there are more options for ultra-wide. Almost NO wide sizes in pre 1950's shoes (very few). Speaking with a cobbler in business since the 1930's, perfect sizing was a bigger issue then. He says that the narrow sizes sold quite well.In addition, in the 1920's and early...
More like 1950's, but still very nice.So many from 50's and earlier are in narrow sizes. Possibly the high bodyweight of modern physiques (especially in the US) results in somewhat flatter (and wider feet).
Bonafe makes some great ones. Snagged a pair from David at Distinctive Footwear a few years back and am still in love. Good share, sir.
styling and construction are first rate. Sadly, the leather is corrected grain... which makes absolutely no sense and (IMO) ruins them.
HA! This thread is great fun. Too late, but I woulda gone with one of these...
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