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A Perfect Spectator Shoe! 1930's French Shriner Alligator & Suede oxford captoes. The spade sole is a bonus.
Thanks. As far as I know, all the norwegian shoes RR has sold over the last few years are borgioli. I seem to remember a chukka as well.
I HOPE that word was meant to be "KICK".
yessir. RR often stocks borgioli, which is a very underated brand, IMO.
thanks! Happy long weekend.
fit is roomy. Maybe not as large as Barrie, but very close.As for shell, this model didn't have a shell option, but a few years back, when still with Franco's, RR sold the same shoe as a derby in shell. Got a pair NWOB here on SF when the BS section was still incredible.please excuse the lack of proper shine. These were my first shell shoes and I was still awaiting the arrival of proper shell cream in the post when I took this.
http://www.riderbootshop.com/rider-boot-co-oslo-in-espresso-calf/I got these and they are fantastic!!!!!!!!! Paid more than the present (ridiculously low) price and would have paid more.
approve 100% a man who wears those is man to be reckoned with! I wanna pair to put between the sea turtle gunboats and the horned-back lizard derbies!
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