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www.vintageshoesaddict.comI've got a TON more, but am having a time of putting more on the site. It will come, though.
Not an uncommon mark, though.
HA! on the 'bay, EVERYTHING is "handmade".
very nice. U-tip is wonderful... especially since it is rarely seen.
no terminology (as far as I know), but many different shapes were available in the 1920's & 30's. Often times 5 or more per model.
Love that goyser and it is nice to see it on a non-budapester. great shoes.
Yes, US made. However, Eyelets were NOT standard, by any means. in 20's-early 40's, 6 or 7 became more popular. Late 40's were mostly 5. 1950's & 60's saw eyelets reduced to 4 or less, sometimes even a single. Today, the standard is probably 5.
Here is a pair of suedes from early to mid 30's. Even curvier. Note also that toe shape goes a long way toward creating the illusion of curves.
New Posts  All Forums: