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yessir. RR often stocks borgioli, which is a very underated brand, IMO.
thanks! Happy long weekend.
fit is roomy. Maybe not as large as Barrie, but very close.As for shell, this model didn't have a shell option, but a few years back, when still with Franco's, RR sold the same shoe as a derby in shell. Got a pair NWOB here on SF when the BS section was still incredible.please excuse the lack of proper shine. These were my first shell shoes and I was still awaiting the arrival of proper shell cream in the post when I took this.
http://www.riderbootshop.com/rider-boot-co-oslo-in-espresso-calf/I got these and they are fantastic!!!!!!!!! Paid more than the present (ridiculously low) price and would have paid more.
approve 100% a man who wears those is man to be reckoned with! I wanna pair to put between the sea turtle gunboats and the horned-back lizard derbies!
which modern alden model with storm welt has that side stitch? The side stitch in that diagram is done sans storm welt. Labeled as a 1962 stitch is quite telling, as I have handled maybe a half dozen pairs of shoes with that construction... all made in the 1960's.When a goodyear with a storm welt has the welt then stitched into the side of the shoe, it usually does not connect to anything and is for aesthetics only. Possible it is done to look similar to a goyser/...
not so sure. rt boot has a long scratch right across it. several small stains on the toes and a small tear in the leather. No sole pic to speak and but the footbed looks "well-loved" (a seller's term). I bet there's a very healthy foot impression in that bed.
The vast majority of the Euro sized Santonis also have an "F" either before of after the size number (sometimes several spaces away). You cannot ever trust a store to properly size the shoes they sell. If they dont make 'em, they usually do not know and make an educated guess. Barneys calls the B&V shoes 1 size lower than U.S. Not even close, they are 1.75 lower. My 7's are between an 8.5 and 9.This isn't really UK sizing. It is "Italian sizing". UK is usually...
I am in this camp. Today there are a lot of heavy dyes used on reptiles. It covers the leather to an extent and the depth of the subtly different colors is often lost. Reptile skin is so great because it is always naturally "antiqued" and will appear slightly different in different light.
Interesting how the love for norv stitch comes and goes so easily. 1/2 the time, "lovely", the other half, "hideous". I love them consistently!
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