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Personal experience is the only real way. To learn about the brands, one must try them out. Same with understanding the styles, construction, history, etc. For me, it has been 6 years and several thousand pairs of shoes & even more vintage magazines and advertisements. If you can limit to some specific questions, then maybe we can help you out.
WOW! Don't miss out on this! www.ebay.com/itm/Half-Chewed-Cole-Haan-Wingtip-by-Emerging-Canine-Artist-Left-Shoe-Size-11-5D/290991841025
Love them, but that toe shape just isn't my taste.
Foster & Son Posting straight to SF is WONDERFUL!!! MANY Thanks for sharing. I have had the pleasure of handling several pairs of Vintage Foster & Son Spectators and they were truly superb and timelessly styled. MANY THANKS & please share more!
nice find & thanks for sharing. C&J has done some excellent Vintage Style remakes over the years. Ventilated spectators, tarsal strips, all the good stuff.
Bestetti's model is his particular vision of the basic design, so other versions will vary a bit. Note that Bestetti's model has the very slight squaring of the toe at the tip... very Italian in design. This, however, is a much earlier version of the style.Here's the pic made larger...right click the pic and click on "open link in a new tab" to see full size.
welcome back, Spoo.
The red reptile and calf pair is unbelievable. If you have a small shoe collection, go with the all calf in similar tones. If you have a large collection, DEFINITELY go for the exotics.
Actually, the Tarsal Strap style has been around much longer than 100 years and pre-dates Gabriele d'Annunzio.This painting, "The Ball on Shipboard" by James Tissot is from 1874. That dapper gentleman is wearing a wonderful pair in white and cream.AND, the style had already been around for quite a while even before this.
side gusset is NOT boring!
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