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1956. Last decade of really fabulous US made shoes.
Vintage perforated NST worn Uncle Mac style (with argyles!)
for $2300 USD, there are better Croc options. That toecap is just plain sloppy.The vass are excellent.
nice prices. However, The REAL steal is these...http://www.barneys.com/A-Diciannoveventitre-Ultra-Distressed-Sneakers/501901810,default,pd.html?cgid=mens-shoes&index=0which are selling for $170 more than the Jermyn IIIhttp://www.barneys.com/John-Lobb-Jermyn-III/501587678,default,pd.html?cgid=mens-shoes&index=2
your size?
When I got them, worn maybe 2x. Now double that. Glad u like 'em!
A Perfect Spectator Shoe! 1930's French Shriner Alligator & Suede oxford captoes. The spade sole is a bonus.
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