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1930's - Early 1940's Crosby Square. Closed channel sole & 100% handlasted & handsewn. ALSO, a dead ringer for the G&G TG 73 (Classic Square) last. Classic is classic.
Totally ignore "FAM" markings in today's Santoni offerings. Somewhere along the way, their marketing department started calling them all :"Fatte A Mano". That pair is from their 2nd line, Goodyear.
No. no leaking. No leather on insole. Upper leather was soaked... which usually leads to major trouble.
Snowiest and wettest winter in NJ in many years *possibly most in recorder history". Rather than invest in the single-season hiking boots I usually purchase (then disgard after winter ends) I went with a rotation that leaned heavily on elephant skin chukkas, 1940's veldtschoen captoe boots and some ancient sealskin boots. Each pair got at least 25 wears. Each pair was completely enveloped in snow and ice... as I enjoy shoveling for exercise in the cold months. Leather...
OUCH! What does the current collection contain?
No. This is the elephant. Here is the "fighting Seal". Similar, but different nonetheless.
1960's - 1970's Elephant Skin chukkas by Church's. Indestructible winter boots.
Absolutely!!! Gotta wear them to really appreciate the finer details.
interesting. The texture looks more like elephant.
Can't say it enough, but Bontoni is the new master of finishes.
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