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styling and construction are first rate. Sadly, the leather is corrected grain... which makes absolutely no sense and (IMO) ruins them.
HA! This thread is great fun. Too late, but I woulda gone with one of these...
Many Thanks, kind sir!
Lookin very good!
In past years, Mezlan has put out some very bad crocodile shoes. Bad skins and worse styling. It is a shame that it is hard to get rid of a bad rep. Now they seem to have gotten it right on some of their offerings. Thanks for showing us, MM.
If he is an ancient Egyptian pharoah, then he is doing it right.
maybe intentional because:a) a small detail like that DOES attract peoples attention. On this well trafficked website 5+ posts have already been dedicated to his sale. Free xtra Advertising.ORb) exhibitionist.
Just realized that the Loake & the As soles and heels look identical on some modelshttp://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0060/5272/products/templar4_1024x1024.jpg?3040http://shopbogart.com/media/catalog/category/file.jpg
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