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welcome back, Spoo.
The red reptile and calf pair is unbelievable. If you have a small shoe collection, go with the all calf in similar tones. If you have a large collection, DEFINITELY go for the exotics.
Actually, the Tarsal Strap style has been around much longer than 100 years and pre-dates Gabriele d'Annunzio.This painting, "The Ball on Shipboard" by James Tissot is from 1874. That dapper gentleman is wearing a wonderful pair in white and cream.AND, the style had already been around for quite a while even before this.
side gusset is NOT boring!
not that model, but I've got 2 pairs and sold a 3rd. Really nice.
Maybe the coolest detail of those fantastic shoes.
Bontoni has left Berluti in the dust in their genre. Nice!!!
ALWAYS glad to see your posts and hear your point of view.
Here are 2 more pairs that I hope illustrate my thoughts on the matter. Both are spring/ summer shoes, and both are really wonderful, I think. 1940's Ventilated utip spectators & 1940's perforated captoe specs. Can one REALLY wear these on a regular basis? More importantly, did the MAKER really expect that they would be worn often? I believe that the whole idea was to create a "Special Occasion" type of footwear. Something that would be revealed rarely... but...
No offense intended. I just had to poke a bit of fun at the idea that 24 pairs of shoes is too many...when it is stated on Style Forum. This is the land of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder! And, ultimately, there is nothing wrong with that. Many visit this site daily and spend considerable amounts of time researching, recording (thru photos), then composing extensive essays about our loves for items that show our personal style. In this world, there is no such thing as...
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