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Very nice, of course. I am surprised with the extra long norwegian stitch. VERY Italian in styling... and I have seen it criticized roundly on older SF threads when done by Italian makers.
WOW! They look to be an exact duplicate of the Dinkelacker model. Even soles are the same... down to the nail patterns. Only difference I can see is medallion design.
Nice! Was hoping someone would snatch up a pair of those shell Dinks for us to see here.
Thank you, friend. I will dig up some more detailed pics.
Hello, my friend! In the 1960's, they were still legal, though, so no worries.
Edwin Clapp
you and your crazy lace colors, my friend!
They were actually designed by Rogers Peet. J&M liked the style so much that it became its flagship dress shoe model for many years to come... and made that 1980's resurgence to boot.
In the 1910's and 1920's, some U.S. shoes even came in QUARTER sizes.
New Posts  All Forums: