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The issue is 100% certain related to dryness in the leather. The leather IS really ancient stuff. If the outside of leather starts to dry out, heavy conditioning can sometimes "remoisturize" the leather. However, this looks like the leather dried out all the way to the center. They mositurized and dyed the leather, but it only penetrated so deep. That is why you see the light color poking out thru the cracks of the darker leather. My main passion is Vintage shoes...
Please read my post above. Clarification.
What are you talking about?? I never said I didn't like them. In fact, I invested a tidy sum in a pair of Santoni Limited Editions with that same exact "long stitched norwegian front". Personally, I DO like the style, although it is decidely not an "everyday" look, it is different and expressive. Bravo to the buyer.It is fair for me to point out that there is definitely some love for certain brands regardless of the style they put out. Take out the St. C. label and it...
Very nice, of course. I am surprised with the extra long norwegian stitch. VERY Italian in styling... and I have seen it criticized roundly on older SF threads when done by Italian makers.
WOW! They look to be an exact duplicate of the Dinkelacker model. Even soles are the same... down to the nail patterns. Only difference I can see is medallion design.
Nice! Was hoping someone would snatch up a pair of those shell Dinks for us to see here.
Thank you, friend. I will dig up some more detailed pics.
Hello, my friend! In the 1960's, they were still legal, though, so no worries.
Edwin Clapp
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