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flashback from 1940's.
always good to see you here, SOS.
Ultra cool ones here. Hippo is extremely soft... softer than standard suede. My 1960's Church's are some of the softest leather shoes I own.
Well said, my friend.
I have to respectfully disagree. It is a basic oxford wingtip. Only the spade shape of the sole is unique, and this isn't an "extreme spade" by any stretch.Bestetti and Saint Crispins are using spade points on the soles of their shoes more and more today. Put one of their labels on this pair and we would have a page of compliments.
This kind of hand workmanship is rare today.
I am sure that The tannery is used to dealing with fresh skins that are still nice and juicy throughout.The Russian Reindeer IS 100 years old, right? Of COURSE any kind of animal skin that's that old is dried out.
As Brioni, models are $5k+. As Lattanzi, more.
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