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interesting. The texture looks more like elephant.
Can't say it enough, but Bontoni is the new master of finishes.
I have that same shoe in a lace-up and love it. The leather is as nice as any RTW shoe on the marketplace today.
Nice. I love Santoni shoes. Which line are they from?
Glad u like 'em!
Ville... you learned about bick4 from ME some time ago.
THIS 100%. Great styling and very well made. The leather is horribly cheap, though. My pair is relegated to "rain duty".
very nice. Interestingly enough, a few years ago, that would have been considered a mild "square toe" and shunned. Now (thanks to G&G + Bestetti & the SF fans of their shoes), it is a "chisel toe" and quite popular.
what kind of "cream". Definitely not shoe polish... especially not on any areas that bend/ flex.
Santoni made some Limited Edition models for Dunhill a couple of years back. They look similar to one of their models.
New Posts  All Forums: