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Made by Joihnston & Murphy, probably in the 1960's. Very well made. Think C&J quality country shoes.
that is inexpensive alligator... most likely from the 1970's. Considering the bicycle toe/ loafer (!?!?!?) design, no real value.
Yes... this. Thanks, B-S.
Mis-typed that, sorry. Ultra-narrow.Shoe stores in the US in the 1910's-1930's stocked MORE narrow sized shoes than they did medium widths... and wide was almost unheard of.My 95 year old cobbler (who started in the business at age 14)tells me that when properly measured, the vast majority of his clients d narrow to very narrow feet.Exactly why we cannot be sure.HOWEVER, average weight of men (especially in the US) has skyrocketed. This may well explain why thir feet...
Absolutely, my friend. In the Golden Era of US-made shoes, there were a huge number of ultra-wide widths that sold very well. A width thru AAA width were not uncommon at all, and the norm was likely an A/B.Of course getting the fit correct was a bigger concern then.I am jealous of your narrow feet!
Nice, MM.
SL? nice.
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