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elephant = yes.wild ugly bear = no.
OCD does have it's positives!
Late 1930's- early 1940's Edwin Clapp
will do. Take care
not trying to criticize. Sadly, there is no real modern rtw spectator market today. Competition is very low, thus strong sales. For what is available today, they are nice.
scotch guard works well for this issue.
nice shoes. However, I really wish they made it with the traditional white suede... or at least a higher quality calf for the white areas.
someone NEEDS to jump on those G&G. Price is insanely low.
As an interesting point of fact, I have seen nothing that states specifically that a "D" width was originally meant to be a "medium" (if someone has some documentation of this, please do share it). Logically speaking, it is an odd letter to start at as the "mean" or "average" size. This is even more odd because shoes didn't stop at "A" as xtra narrow, but went all the way to 5A in some cases, but to 3A most commonly. On the other end, wides only went to 3E. So, there...
Had no idea they did stingray! How very nice they will be. Please keep us posted.
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