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Fantastic price
please re-read my post. I see that. I detailed the errors. For example, top right says, "norwegian welted", but "norwegian/ norvegese" HAS NO WELT. No such thing.Top right and bottom left are Bentivegna/ goyser... but there is some variation in the insole stitching. Cannot tell from the pic if one has a handcarved feather and the other is glued (like in goodyear) or what exactly the difference is.Same with top left and bottom right. Both are similar and both resemble...
the labeling of the different types of construction here is dubious at best. They label the bottom right construction "bentivegna" and that is 100% incorrect. Bentivegna has welt outside the uppers. Either top right or bottom left shows that. Can't even clearly see what exactly the differnce is between those two, as they are drawings, rather than photos.Either top left or bottom right is Norvegese... no welt. On top left you can clearly see the side stitch goes into a...
I hate the fact the heel piece is so narrow. These don't fill the heel properly and cause the sides of the shoes to crease oddly.
stunning. thanks for sharing.
Thanks for posting, my friend. Be aware, these are neither norvegese nor bentivegna (goyser). They are either Goodyear stitched, or possible blake. More likely blake. The "welt" you see there is ornamental.
HA. dont get th the Santoni Marketing strategy. Once Upon A Time, the "Andrea Santoni Santoni Fatte A Manos" were the top line. They were all handmade Norv and Bentivegna models. The "Andrea Santoni" was handwritten with a pen. The "When Santoni saw that the "Fatte Models" were gaining popularity... especially on forums, they made more and more "Fatte A Mano" shoes, but most were NOT actually "made by hand". The top models were still the Norv and Bent ones... but they...
am backlogged with fotos, my friend. Between my kids and my shoes, I have maybe 600-1000 pics to look thru! I miss the pre-digital age when one got film developed. Same exact shoes as in that link, though.
YEESSSS! I purchased this same pair from same seller 6 months ago. Fantastic buy. Norvegese = Limited Ed.size Italian 7F = US 8.5D.
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