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Don't underestimate the market for certain pairs of Vintage Shoes. Even worn, desirable models in wearable sizes can fetch big prices... in the hands of the right seller in the right market.The issue with that particular pair is mainly the very small size. Yes, the Asian marketplace (and the French marketplace for that matter) contains many buyers with smaller size feet, anything in the 6 range is a very tough sell.
wishful thinking to get that price on the seller's own.
too many threads. You will probably get all your responses from a small number of people who do not have time or the will to peruse 7 threads.
Only the true top line of both brands is worth the trouble of considering. Testoni's "Amedio Testoni" line still has some very nice shoes & the Santoni "Limited Editions" are as well made as any RTW on the market.
Thanks, Jrd. More of an Addict than expert... Lol. They are a nice pair from probably mid to late 1950's. Very cool find. Please pm me with details about the rest of them. Very interested to see what you have found... And wether any may be my size.
Have to agree. The handwelted goyser is an excellent shoe, and your price was waaaay under retail.
Swore to myself I'd stop at 100. Terrible lie.
I was simply asking a very good question about your claims.Chogall has found this photo and shown that the shoeman did NOT "not create a new holdfast on a new insole", but rather simply attached a new welt to the Glued On Gemming.This is NOT a true "handwelt" (which uses a feather handcarved into the insole).I suggest that you follow your own advice and "(be) educated on a subject helps when commenting on it."
Not intending to criticize this gentleman. I am sure his work is very nice. Thank you, Chogall for finding that pic to show that the gemming is still present.
But then it is BS. The most important aspect of Goodyear is the GLUED ON FABRIC welt.
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