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Tha Weston Demi
Very nicely maintained!
I love the Norvegese resurgence we are seeing. A few years back, norvegese were being labeled "monstrosities" by many (of course some of the older squared toe and clunky designs had a lot to do with it). I am a fan.
I've read all this before. Some is correct and some not. After dealing with a few thousand 1930's thru 1980's Florsheim shoes you see the inconsistencies. On a side note, Classic Shoes for Men is NOT a good source for true vintage shoe manufacturing data. Most of it is 100% made up.
Absolutely. Rider Boot's "blowout sales" are fantastic. a couple of years back I purchased a pair of their antiqued Borgioli Norvegese boots for $150. Retailed for around $1k.
Nice! who made these Norvies?
Severe toe and or heel spring is common in nos vintage shoes. See it all the ti, especially when the shoes were stored in a slightly humid environment ( which ironically usually helps prevent extreme over dryness and cracking in very old leather). In my experience, a couple of wears straightens them out and does correct it. This pair does have a steel shank. I have deconstructed several of this model
British Walkers? They made this model with some pairs having actual horned back lizard skin and others with faux. I believe these to be faux... but a very cool design nonetheless. The stamping is very well done.
Probably 70's to early 80's, Pretty cool, ugly MF shoes. Sadly, they are in the dreaded Vintage A width.
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