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Absolutely. Rider Boot's "blowout sales" are fantastic. a couple of years back I purchased a pair of their antiqued Borgioli Norvegese boots for $150. Retailed for around $1k.
Nice! who made these Norvies?
Severe toe and or heel spring is common in nos vintage shoes. See it all the ti, especially when the shoes were stored in a slightly humid environment ( which ironically usually helps prevent extreme over dryness and cracking in very old leather). In my experience, a couple of wears straightens them out and does correct it. This pair does have a steel shank. I have deconstructed several of this model
British Walkers? They made this model with some pairs having actual horned back lizard skin and others with faux. I believe these to be faux... but a very cool design nonetheless. The stamping is very well done.
Probably 70's to early 80's, Pretty cool, ugly MF shoes. Sadly, they are in the dreaded Vintage A width.
Enzo is heavily influenced by US vintage shoe styles. This exact model of longwing was quite popular with both the canvas & a mesh for spring/summer wear in the 40's & 50's. I have a pair by Florsheim circa 1951.
Excellent. Could you please add some additional photos, as well as maker and details. Thanks!
THE last is terrible. something to appeal to the vintage workwear crowd. what a narrow market.
One may well prefer the Oxford... But if you truly love fine shoes, you need to learn to embrace the derby as well. Can you really own 100 pairs and have none? Lol.
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