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1940's Blue Suede Wholecuts
In the 1960's, US makers were making faux EVERYTHING. They are stamped calf. The creasing gives it away, as well as the lack of depth in the middle of the individual "semi-circles". VERY similar to faux hornback lizard made with calf. They just can't capture the texture/ depth.
Goyser / Bentivegna handstitch is fantastic. Vass is probably the best "bang for your buck" in RTW shoes.
I have that same model. Really love them. Sadly, much of B&V is still that crazy-ugly square monstrosity from decades ago.
I also love that cut-away toebox pic. As a Vintage Shoe collector/ restorer/ seller, I am always debating with people the folly of using interior length as a full indicator of fit. Last shapes vary so much that the differences vary too much to be reliable. That pic shows what a large amount of space may not be "foot usable".
Italians keeping that US 40's summer styling alive
Great share!
look at the shoes in the ad!
nice work!
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