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Smith Woollens Botany.
Here, it probably works.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Foot_binding
^ Depends on the nature of your work, but even in a conservative legal industry, I don't think most people will bat an eyelid. Since you say events/work, I'm guessing you're probably in a less conservative industry, and so, you can probably wear grenadine ties (in that shade) without having to worry too much.
Picking up a grenadine tie might be the Hober-thing to do, but I like that challis tie!
Nah, it's not just you.
Hober, from the Macclesfield range.Thanks In Stitches and Clapeyron. I should post pictures of the coat before it was altered. I'm still a little awestruck at how much can be altered once the coat is made up.
Unfortunately, the camera isn't mine, but I hear you.
Thanks Mimo. Yes, hand polishing shoes is time consuming, though I find it therapeutic at times -- when I'm trying to do smth mindless. Tbh -- if you're in an air-conditioned area all day, or even stroll briefly outside in the heat, one can get by relatively comfortably in a summer weight suit paired with lightweight voile shirting which was what I was wearing. These below are some fit pictures I have. The trousers were already spot on so I didn't bother to try them....
Specs: [[SPOILER]]
+1Sometimes, less is more.
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