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There isn't an alteration fee if the coat doesn't fit properly. I've had mine altered. I think this has been Chan's standard operation for some time now. Best of luck!
Learn new stuff every day. Was a light weight canvass/linen utilized?
Bntailor made stuff using linen and cotton. Have seen pics of them. But was it shirting fabric, that weighs much lighter, and has much less body?
Doesn't sound feasible to be honest. Shirting fabrics made up as suit? It'd be limp and shapeless, and wrinkle everywhere, not just at flex points.
Smashing update. Thanks.
[img]Held together by elastic that is hidden underneath cloth (which serves as an outer layer) that covers the length of the waistband.
LOL.I stayed at Grand Hotel Parker the times I visited Naples -- a hotel which was the Allied HQ during WWII. The room I stayed in had a stunning view of Mt Vesuvius. That, plus the breakfast area allowed you to overlook the sea. The scenery was a real treat.Apart from things sartorial related, it was one of the rare times I got up close and personal with a city that hadn't lost its soul (there's a certain ubiquity at all the major metropolitan cities I've visited/stayed...
Man. Who said you had to toss the shoes if the uppers are destroyed. This is probably a noob-ish question, but out of curiosity, what's the reason why shoes can be re-soled for approximately a set number of times? Is it because by the 4th resole, the uppers would likely have been destroyed, or is it just the case that the welt (and the part where the welt is attached) just wouldn't be able to handle more?
Highly doubt they'll do that.
You might like to review some information here. Might be helpful to you. http://www.styleforum.net/t/33568/the-hong-kong-tailors-thread
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