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Hober, from the Macclesfield range.Thanks In Stitches and Clapeyron. I should post pictures of the coat before it was altered. I'm still a little awestruck at how much can be altered once the coat is made up.
Unfortunately, the camera isn't mine, but I hear you.
Thanks Mimo. Yes, hand polishing shoes is time consuming, though I find it therapeutic at times -- when I'm trying to do smth mindless. Tbh -- if you're in an air-conditioned area all day, or even stroll briefly outside in the heat, one can get by relatively comfortably in a summer weight suit paired with lightweight voile shirting which was what I was wearing. These below are some fit pictures I have. The trousers were already spot on so I didn't bother to try them....
Specs: [[SPOILER]]
+1Sometimes, less is more.
Maybe The Armoury guys worked with Carmina like how TS is working with Meermin.
Meermin wholecuts on the AMA last. Wide enough at the forefoot.
I have my tailor soak my linen in hot water for a couple of days before making them up. Linen shrinks, so what he says makes perfect sense. Don't forget that linen is prone to rumpling so if your sleeve is altered to show just the right amount of cuff, chances are you'll show more over time.
I think Vass U last is the only one considered a chiseled last. I don't think the Simpson and Rain on the Carmina are considered chiseled. But I might be wrong. In any case, I think the U last looks more elegant overall. Interested in hearing more opinions.
I think that the idea is novel, but these are guys who don't understand their market, they don't understand that the guys who presently buy gold or sterling silver collar stiffeners (what they pitched in the video) probably don't care for such ostentation. Just like how most guys who drop thousands of GBP on a suit don't want contrast pick stitching everywhere. Not everybody (dare I say most) who uses these products -- smth as discreet as a gold collar stiffener -- want to...
New Posts  All Forums: