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Care you elaborate a little more on what you mean when the 'outside parts ... clip to a linkage between them'? Do you mean detachable, or the foldable kind?I must say you're right that large cufflinks are a pain to use every morning.
Thanks.Now that you've mentioned it ... what with all the red dots.
Anybody has any idea whom might have woven this fabric? Or what accounts for the slubby texture? Looks like linen?
Harrisons has some lighter shades in a camel hair/wool blend too. But W Bill has quite an extensive collection in varying shades. There's another lesser known Scottish weaver who weaves overcoat fabrics and I distinctly recall seeing lighter shades in camel colour. Isn't one of those large merchants, but produces very good stuff nonetheless, and there are cards of swatches at quite a number of good English tailors. Reasonably priced too. Name eludes me now, but I'll...
I have a set of cufflinks in the works and am quite excited about it. Here's how one end of the cufflinks is gng to look like. Minor difference is that I'm looking at a different way of anchoring the jade. Don't want those 'hooks'. Will be made out of vermeil, Burmese Jade and diamonds. Question: Should I have the other end of the cufflink made up such that both ends will look identical, OR have the end (WITHOUT the jade) terminate in a vermeil knot (looks like silk...
Plenty of bankers in the area willing to part with their money for branded, more mainstream items like Gucci, Boss, Armani yada yada.
There isn't an alteration fee if the coat doesn't fit properly. I've had mine altered. I think this has been Chan's standard operation for some time now. Best of luck!
Learn new stuff every day. Was a light weight canvass/linen utilized?
Bntailor made stuff using linen and cotton. Have seen pics of them. But was it shirting fabric, that weighs much lighter, and has much less body?
Doesn't sound feasible to be honest. Shirting fabrics made up as suit? It'd be limp and shapeless, and wrinkle everywhere, not just at flex points.
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