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Paid 40e/m for my linen stuff.
Thanks for your contribution (and for taking the time).
When it gets too hot ... ... I go tie-less and whip out the shirt with the one-piece collar ...
Nice seersucker DB! Have one presently in the works. Though I do think a contrasting shirt would have been for the better. RTW? or was it bespoken for? Like the combi and fit In Stitches. How much break do you usually get on your trousers?
Thanks guys. I've had a couple coats where I faced the problem of the armholes cutting into my armpits. IMHO, I think there might be two possible reasons: 1) Armhole is too high and 2) the armhole wasn't cut to account for the way one's arms hang forward. This was the problem I faced, armhole was poorly shaped (plus high), and thus the armhole was cutting into my armpits. I had the tailor recut the armholes outward (that is, towards the front) and I had a better range of...
Experience (not with Cad) tells me when a coat is 'machined', chances are that the canvass, or lapels are 'padded' with machine, as opposed to laboriously by hand. It's also probable that the lining is not felled by hand. Unbel is right that, you might want to check with them to determine which step is by hand, and which step is by machine, especially since they, being in charge of the production process, will be able to elucidate you on this.
^ Love the linen trousers. Where's it from?
Picked up a cream linen coat ystd, and here it is, worn. I think I understand why so many people prefer a soft shoulder. It definitely has its charms, and looks less, for want of a better word 'artificial'.
I've always been a little curious -- shape is ironed into the trousers, yes. Because the trousers can't be cut with such precision. What happens over time. Will the trousers lose their shape? Common sense tells me 'yes'.
Care you elaborate a little more on what you mean when the 'outside parts ... clip to a linkage between them'? Do you mean detachable, or the foldable kind?I must say you're right that large cufflinks are a pain to use every morning.
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