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If anybody's interested, here are the last shapes he offers. I believe he has the capability of modifying them according to your feet though. The + 7.5 mm written on the last is indicative of how much wider -- from his usual last -- he believed I should go, and he had it sized accordingly.
Was surprised that he decided to punch the medallion in after the shoes were made myself. He commented that it was for the sake of precision and so he could determine placement. With regards to the medallion being peacocky -- I personally don't think that it's going to be aesthetically different from other medallions. Most people view the shoes from a distance away, and, I think, they might not even pick up on the fact it's my initials. Must say the last is quite...
Thanks. Have a question. Out of curiosity, is it notably more difficult to make the heel cap/counter (whatever it's called) shaped this way?
Thanks guys. I'm pretty impressed at the outcome myself. Was a little worried about the monogram medallion but I must say they look pretty sweet. My schedule doesn't allow me to fly to Milan to get fit for a pair of shoes. Not right now. I'll update on whether providing those measurements will help ensure a good fit. I'm really crossing my fingers that they will. Still a little stumped how shoe polish makes all the difference.
Continuation ... (sorry for the long lag time. Busy). Yesterday, he sent me pictures of the shoes with the initials punched into them He said that he’d painstakingly hand-polish the shoes (anybody who has spent time polishing shoes will know that to get a gleam throughout the entire pair of shoes is no small feat, and will take several hours). I reminded him I wanted flat laces. The completed shoes, ready for dispatch:
Good photoshop skills. I need to get me an IT expert.
Nice shine.
I was a little resigned -- it doesn't look that bad with the broguing -- but brought that up with him. To his credit, he decided to remake it. He then sent me pictures of the shoes that were semi-complete – I also reminded him about the monogram/initials as medallion, and he provided me with a sample that I didn’t quite like. Supposed to be “C L’ I then proceeded to go check out the various fonts and decide which I liked. I did a digital mock-up of how I...
Allow me to take you guys on a yearlong adventure for MTO shoes. I was in the market for a pair of shoes and my friend was raving about Bestetti and after inspecting a couple of his shoes, I figured I’d use him.I sent him this picture of a pair of Japanese shoes and told him I wanted my shoes to look similar except that he should obviate the eyelets and have it made in brown. I also asked that my initials be punched in the front of the shoes, in place of the regular...
Thanks guys. Going for white gold (or rhodium plated silver).
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