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^ Thanks guys! Of course I won't be wearing watches with gauche and 'please-look'at-how-wealthy-I-am' diamonds. I'm trying them on for size before they bring in the model I'm after! Stupid sales assistant tried to sell me the most expensive watch (not pictured), insisting the largest watch face was right for my wrist. Bah!
Soliciting for opinions. Which size looks better on my slim wrist? A B C
ThinkDerm, could you give us a lowdown on where's the best place to look for good leather stuff in Florence. Have heard they're clustered along cloisters and housed in not-so-easy-to-find locations. Any good ones you know of?
Just came today ... Wallets, folio, and a passport case. Am set for life.
Thanks guys. I'll update when I get my Japanese shoes. Have a huge difficulty getting the three-piece trees out. I regret asking for them. Need to find an easier way of getting them out. Tips?Nutcracker, how do Bestetti's shoes compare with those gorgeous Japanese stuff you've been putting up?
Received them today. Absolutely stunning. I have a lot of shoes, and these really take the icing off the cake. Finishing and last are impeccable. IMHO, I think it trumps many English bespoke shoemakers whose shoes I've handled etc.I was expecting the shoes to fit tight because it's so aggressive. Was in for a huge surprise. Bestetti modified the last such that the front is actually extremely comfortable given I have a wide forefoot (Could have gone a little smaller though....
I've seen them done both ways before on bespoke trousers. Most face towards the rear, but a few towards the fore.
Received these two pictures in the mail. They'll make it up in wax, and then cast it. When I first saw it in my mail I thought they had made the cufflinks entirely out of jade.
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