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You can get a tailor to make you a bow-tie if you want them to match. Pretty easy stuff. Mine did.
Just took possession of a Cartier gladstone/doctor's bag. Been hunting for one for eons -- deferred my purchases because they're horrendously heavy and impossible to use without sweating a little. Found a smaller sized one that is suitable for a couple days worth of stuff.
+1RFClark is a good guy. Reasonably priced too.
Somehow missed this. Sometime next year, or this year end. Haven't booked the tickets yet.
David, would like to take you up on this point. I was actually told that a coat with densely hand-padded, say, canvass and lapels, will result in a 'stiffer' feel to it, and that this dense hand-padding is done when making more 'structured' and 'shaped' garments. Have I been misinformed?
Any updates on the completed suit?
Nice write-up. When tailors at the various houses use shoulder-pads (thick or thin), do they typically buy pre-made ones or do they modify existing shoulder pads? Steed's look like they're made from scratch, whilst the ones by Gieves and Hawkes look like they were modified from pre-made shoulder pads. GH shoulders here -- I think Dopey and I had an exchange on one of the threads...
Thanks ThinkDerm. Will def. visit these places when I swing by.
Ah. On closer look it does look more like the Aquanaut. Not clear on my phone screen. No, don't quite like it, I much prefer the Nautilus. It's a toss-up between the Royal Oak or the Nautilus really. Will try and see which keeps me awake at night. Ha!Medtech- I prefer the perpetual calendar on the PP, or the FPJ. I'm biased, however, because I like dressier watches and my perpetual is on a dressier watch too. Would go for the FPJ though.
Thanks guys. Really appreciate your opinions Most probably will go for a C. I've got a thing for dress watches and vintage stuff and find the large watches a little clunky on me. Maybe it's just me. Ha. The Nautilus is quite a strong contender, and quite the icon. Interestingly, these guys wear them small. Argh ... choices ...
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