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I second that. He's a most affable gentleman as well.
If you're dad is not going to be there, and AC and WW Chan are famed because they have good fitters who ensure the shirt fits well (that would not be put to use if your dad isn't there), I think the logical conclusion would be to use Jantzen if that difference in cost matters, and assuming the workmanship is similar between all three establishments.
That's an interesting screw-up. Hope you grabbed a picture of yourself in it. They paid for return?
Out of curiosity, what's wrong with straight shoulders? Am trying to wrap my head ard why some ppl dislike them. Is there a reason?
Looks ugly.
How do you know she doesn't like the money? Flew first class?
Am aware that straight extended shoulders aren't exactly beloved by the forum since Manton wrote about the forum's preference for shoulders sans padding here. Though, like I said, I have nearly straight shoulders, so not much I can do about that.I think that the shoulders in that first pic at the other thread looks good, however. Worked with that heavy cloth.Straight extended shoulders with padding are more common (if not the norm) here, especially so in a convervative...
Frankly, I don't think I see it as being as much of a problem as Foo does. The fact I never noticed it is telling, but I like to know why certain things are done, so I'll just strike a conversation with my tailor. On a more substantive note, I had my subsequent coats lengthened a fraction, plus made with slightly wider lapels, however.The latter point was difficult. The cutter seemed to think that wide lapels would swallow my frame up, and he preferred more balance.Good...
It's not just the hand-stitching. It's the expertise you're paying for, the fact that the coat might fit better than another, and might have a more elegant shape etc.
Yes. Tailors have fabrics books from which you can select the tweeds that suit your fancy. They usually books from the reputable merchants including: W Bill, Holland & Sherry's Sherry Tweed, Harrison's etc. They might have a couple of books from less well known merchants/mills too.
New Posts  All Forums: