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I think it's plain as day that, from deepitm's post, that he decided not to go ahead with the purchase.
Only foreseeable problem is that the links have to be soldered close once cut because it might not be able to withstand stress during wear.
That was what I suggested somewhere in the thread. But that wld mean needing more than One(setof)Cufflinks. Though admittedly if there's only OneShirt then it shouldn't matter.
Since I happen to have a picture on hand (or in this case, on my computer), -- Gammarelli in purple, with Church's.
You should post some fit pictures PKL! Nice find, btw. I seem to recall the folks at Cacciopolli speaking about a shirt-maker (lady) located near the shop, and near Volpe. I think it might well be this lady whom they were speaking about.
No offense but even though you might be a distinguished firearms journalist (though I much prefer Skeeter, Bill Jordan, Taffin and Milek) you seriously need to work on your comprehension skills, or at least, snap out of the journalistic art of making generalizations, or sweeping main points under the rug if it suits your argument.I've addressed your 'old-is-gold' and 'just-because-some-esteemed-figure-doesn't-use-it-means-it-has-no-functional-purpose' fallacy in the posts...
Frankly, objectively speaking, Foo is right on that specific count, and I really think that, today, there's no real debate about whether to have a single vent or not on a dinner jacket. Logically speaking, I'm not convinced that the remarks about vents is a metaphor for 'but Rubinacci is good! I wear Rubinacci! I am good!". He does give a credible example by comparing bespoke clothing to RTW, and it might be the inherent nature of such a comparison that necessarily throws...
What about the appropriate configurations for the waistcoat?
Has anybody had experience with Simon Baker apart from Patek's posting about the quality of his briefcase, more pointedly, about how he has responded to customers?
Are you sure it's not the horse hair canvas?
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