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+1RFClark is a good guy. Reasonably priced too.
Somehow missed this. Sometime next year, or this year end. Haven't booked the tickets yet.
David, would like to take you up on this point. I was actually told that a coat with densely hand-padded, say, canvass and lapels, will result in a 'stiffer' feel to it, and that this dense hand-padding is done when making more 'structured' and 'shaped' garments. Have I been misinformed?
Any updates on the completed suit?
Nice write-up. When tailors at the various houses use shoulder-pads (thick or thin), do they typically buy pre-made ones or do they modify existing shoulder pads? Steed's look like they're made from scratch, whilst the ones by Gieves and Hawkes look like they were modified from pre-made shoulder pads. GH shoulders here -- http://therakeonline.com/atelier-luxury-designer-brands-artisans/gieves-hawkes-rips-it-up/ I think Dopey and I had an exchange on one of the threads...
Thanks ThinkDerm. Will def. visit these places when I swing by.
Ah. On closer look it does look more like the Aquanaut. Not clear on my phone screen. No, don't quite like it, I much prefer the Nautilus. It's a toss-up between the Royal Oak or the Nautilus really. Will try and see which keeps me awake at night. Ha!Medtech- I prefer the perpetual calendar on the PP, or the FPJ. I'm biased, however, because I like dressier watches and my perpetual is on a dressier watch too. Would go for the FPJ though.
Thanks guys. Really appreciate your opinions Most probably will go for a C. I've got a thing for dress watches and vintage stuff and find the large watches a little clunky on me. Maybe it's just me. Ha. The Nautilus is quite a strong contender, and quite the icon. Interestingly, these guys wear them small. Argh ... choices ...
^ Thanks guys! Of course I won't be wearing watches with gauche and 'please-look'at-how-wealthy-I-am' diamonds. I'm trying them on for size before they bring in the model I'm after! Stupid sales assistant tried to sell me the most expensive watch (not pictured), insisting the largest watch face was right for my wrist. Bah!
Soliciting for opinions. Which size looks better on my slim wrist? A B C
New Posts  All Forums: