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I don't have any ... I buy Meermins if I want shoes at that price range. But just check them out. It's near the financial district so an easy walk. How long will you be in Singapore for? Interesting you added the 'lah'. How'd you hear about it?
Yes, they're cut quite full. I prefer a wider and looser fit for comfort, plus I have prominent calves and small thighs so it's hard to get a good fit otherwise. I'd take to cycling if I were you. Cycling in SG isn't like cycling in London where they have dedicated cycling lanes so cycle around the island at your peril.
Cantabrigian -- am based in Singapore for work now and unfortunately, there isn't much to be found in Singapore that you can't get at better prices in London or NY.The times I do shop, I do that at Vanda FIne Clothing, which I think is a must-visit. It's like a tie-mecca of a sartorial pilgrimage.Worth visiting is RSK at Textile Center. They have a lot of crappy Polyester-blend wools, but they have a myriad of shirtings (unbranded) that are decent and cheap. These are not...
It's firm but not rigid like the monstrously heavy and rigid SAB Gladstone below The Cartier probably looks a little bigger than in real life. Fits two pairs of shoes and a couple changes of clothes.
You can get a tailor to make you a bow-tie if you want them to match. Pretty easy stuff. Mine did.
Just took possession of a Cartier gladstone/doctor's bag. Been hunting for one for eons -- deferred my purchases because they're horrendously heavy and impossible to use without sweating a little. Found a smaller sized one that is suitable for a couple days worth of stuff.
+1RFClark is a good guy. Reasonably priced too.
Somehow missed this. Sometime next year, or this year end. Haven't booked the tickets yet.
David, would like to take you up on this point. I was actually told that a coat with densely hand-padded, say, canvass and lapels, will result in a 'stiffer' feel to it, and that this dense hand-padding is done when making more 'structured' and 'shaped' garments. Have I been misinformed?
Any updates on the completed suit?
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