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Yups. Will check it out! Can't load at work. Bah.
Sweet! Probably going to purchase designs similar to the two pairs below with minor variations, and a pair of lazy man oxfords, so I hope that bringing 130k JPY for each should suffice. That llama leather looks darn enticing. One of the pics courtesy of Ethandesu. How much should we set aside for the trees? They're supplied separately, I suppose.
[[SPOILER]] Good stuff. This continues to be one of my favorite threads. Trying to plan a trip down to Kobe, but I can't seem to get Spigola's opening hours in 2015. Anybody knows which day of the week they're closed? Not sure if he accepts CC, so probably going to bring enough cash down (assuming I don't get mugged).Was reading Nutcracker's post that Spigola prices from Japan are as below, in 2013. Anybody aware of the latest set of prices?
Glad I got the shirts. Thanks, Marco, for the help in persuading Enzo to fulfill the orders. Since dropped the shirts off with a tailor to fix the minor issues
Had the same freaking experience. Was recommended to Prisco by a forum member here. Placed an order for 9 shirts. Received 2, and never heard from him vis-a-vis the remaining 7. I had paid in full, and provided him with fabric no less. Sickening scammer. Wonder how other forum members have gone about dealing with these shady characters who promise delivery, but deliver nothing.
[[SPOILER]] Very sweet hauls. Particularly like the last two. What's the weight of these?
Thanks folks!
Rather late to this. Any idea if Filson bags typically go on sale? Eyeing the suit bag, but quite a pretty penny for a suit bag.
Just counted what I have. Have 38 used bespoke shirts, out of which I only wear 10-5 on a frequent basis. Realised that the majority are in some shade of blue and a few are identifical iterations of each other. 12 unworn and still in their wrappers. I have very few RTW shirts because it's hard to get a good fit with OTR shirts -- Have 17 OCBDs, gingham, checked RTW shirts. 18 lengths of unfunded liabilities.
Thank you
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