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Thanks folks!
Rather late to this. Any idea if Filson bags typically go on sale? Eyeing the suit bag, but quite a pretty penny for a suit bag.
Just counted what I have. Have 38 used bespoke shirts, out of which I only wear 10-5 on a frequent basis. Realised that the majority are in some shade of blue and a few are identifical iterations of each other. 12 unworn and still in their wrappers. I have very few RTW shirts because it's hard to get a good fit with OTR shirts -- Have 17 OCBDs, gingham, checked RTW shirts. 18 lengths of unfunded liabilities.
Thank you
Received a couple watch straps -- British racing green and burgundy -- from Hughes just now. Very pleased with the commissions. Hides are top-notch and hand stitches are neat. [[SPOILER]]
Couldn't concentrate the whole day at work because I was anticipating this ... Finally here ...
DB coat out of Smith Woollens Blue Riband W Bill Cream linen trousers Light blue POW-style checked shirt with a dark blue over check 6 year old RL tie
Now I'm in a dilemma between choosing this case, or the Ministerial briefcase you put up some time ago!Very nice soft suede briefcase. Definitely one of the nicer soft briefcases I've seen. Where was it made? Do you treat the suede with cleaning agents and water-proofing sprays?
Can visit Hughes if you want to see how he works --- http://hughes-handcrafted.tumblr.com Cleverley is also doing a trunk show with The Rake if you'll be in town ... 23rd Sep I believe.
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