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Folks, going to start clearing fabrics I had impulsively purchased duplicate lengths of, and which I want to let go as part of my resolution to start clearing my fabrics. First up - few Fox flannel lengths that I had recently acquired. Letting go for ~65 USD/M. PM me if interested (details are as per my listing).
Selling a few lengths of Fox Brothers Cloth purchased on impulse, some of which I had bought two lengths of (Yea, I have this idiosyncrasy of buying multiple pieces of items I like). Part of my new year resolution to start clearing duplicate fabrics. Will add more fabrics along the way. Gng for ~65 USD/M, and this includes shipping!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~1.75 m jacketing length (13 oz) in a lovely pattern. Bought two lengths after seeing a picture of it worn by...
Post some pics did you go the bespoke route?
Nutcracker is helluva lucky. How's your bag holding up? I think it's 30% down payment. Fugee is definitely not your first port of cal if you want a new first bag, or have a pressing need. I have a number, so, I suppose no harm. The alternative would be not having the bag which, in my books, was worse than having to wait a few years.
Yes, it is. He has a lot of orders and he hand stitches the whole case, so there. Painfully long but he was upfront about it and I was given the option to walk away so it's not as if I was duped into it.
After Nutcracker posted the picture of his Fugee briefcase the last time around, I cldn't help but follow in his trail, and recently commissioned a briefcase in bridle and an elephant skin wallet. Was taken through the process by a very knowledgable craftsman. The only downside to this, is that gratification is significantly delayed, as with most bespoke products. I'm only anticipating delivery in 2019. Some pictures of his workshop, the leathers I was shown, and him...
Agreed. Inasmuch as many decry others who offer payment in any form other than through cash, I'd regard provision of services/time etc (if mutually agreeable) as adequate "consideration".Whether it's ethical "journalism" is a separate matter.
Where is that fabric from? Looks good!
Incentive to visit Taiwan.
Wonder if the magazine has different content in different countries, or is it uniform throughout.
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