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Seems like bureaucratic red tape if they disallow newly made items from raw materials collected pre-ban. Presumably the intention for the policy regulating the trade of tortoiseshell products is to disincentivise the trade in endangered species etc, and it's not clear how that intention is served in this case - when the raw materials for these dead animals had already been collected before the ban came into effect.This is setting aside the integrity of the firm.
That's lovely. What's the weight for it? Knowing Alden, I'm guessing above 15 oz.
Haha. Promised him I wouldn't divulge the why, but all I can say is that it's really not too hard to guess. Separately, I suppose there's a dearth (relatively) of good shoemakers in the North Americas.
His old prices typically run North of 250k jpy.However, given he is relocating to Canada, Toronto, I've no idea how much he'll change once he's based there
Two numbers from B&Tailor.First a 4 button DB in Solaro, the second a three-roll-two sports jacket in Porter and Harding's Glorious Twelfth.I think my foray into North Asia bespoke is shaping up well.Pictures are from the first and second fitting. Lazy to sort them out Miscellaneous pictures [[SPOILER]]
Interestingly when I raised the question about durability, koji commented that whist the exterior of the kurozan is definitely tough, overall it's less durable vis-a-vis the box calf. The interior/other side or the leather is definitely softer than the box calf.
Yes, that's right. Unfortunately they have new plans in the works and, I believe, no longer take in new customers. Anyways, to the Kurozan leather. They have a number of varieties as indicated in the picture. Contented myself with the embossed ones instead of the handrubbed ones which cost upwards of 350 usd extra, in addition to the additional upcharge from regular calf to the Kurozan leather. Soaked in plant tannin and lacquered thrice. Allegedly used in martial arts...
Fascinated by the Japanese' attention to details. Visited Momotaro, UES Denim, Real McCoy and FIL to pick up some of their products. Had my jeans hemmed, and they do it in house with an old Union Special sewing machine.
All right, I recently went to Tokyo and took the opportunity to try out a bespoke shoe maker. Pics below.Started off by discussing about the design for the two pairs I bespoke - 1 round toe, and 1 chisel toe. Provided him pictures as reference and he sketched how it'd look like.Discussed the detailing for the shoes - pitched heel and fiddleback waist - spent some time pondering if I should go for the fiddleback back waist because for Japanese shoemakers, these don't come...
@concordia - It's Moss. A bit too much light hence the washed out effect. Was trying to get the mottle out on the green, but it's tough.
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