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Did they suddenly change soles? From their website:
PM Sent
FWIW, you might want to check this place out: 250.75 shipped, assuming your size is in stock. Good choice on the shoe for a mid-grey suit. Wouldn't be my choice of shoe if I was getting married, but to each their own.
Relatively new to SF and buying quality footwear in general so I only have: Croft & Barrow (Kohls brand) black split toe blucher Nunn Bush dark brown blucher AE McAllister black AE Soho cognac AE Strand walnut (just arrived yesterday, I haven't even worn them yet)
Quote: Originally Posted by Motorsport226 As long as you got the width right you should be fine. The AE 5 last runs TTS length-wise IMO, but some people find it to run a little narrow. -226 Personally, with their 5 last I've found it runs true to size in the width and I actually have to size down 1/2 size in length . Quote: Originally Posted by Looch Check out Bennie's at They've...
Quote: Originally Posted by imageWIS And simple wooden caskets sans decoration. Well yes, but the topic here is attire inside the casket. One thing that I would like to be buried with, however, is my Fraternity pin. Granted, I've only been out of college 3 years and who knows how I'll feel about it at my death, but even as an alumnus I'm still very involved and wear my lapel pin on any coat I wear.
No. Jews don't have open caskets and are supposed to be buried in a particular ceremonial shroud.
Quote: Originally Posted by greekgeek Meh, read too fast. Not sure how their inventory is connected anyway as forum members are frequently suggesting one call the shoe bank as opposed to a local AE store to see what can be ordered.
Call the AE Shoe Bank: 262-284-7158
Sohos showed up today. Look great!
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